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An exploration of how lines, color, and shape can work together and transform a space. For the bold, chic, and detail-oriented.

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Look 1

A horizontal line provides the central structuring motif to this bathroom, creating a visual horizon that opens up the space.

  • Split-tone wall tiles
  • Floating vanity with storage
  • Terrazzo inspired floor tiles

Look 2

Three planes of color intersect in this look, adding dynamic energy to the space while also segmenting it into different zones.

  • Stacked white subway wall tile
  • Minimalist floating vanity
  • Large format charcoal floor tiles

Look 3

Rich, jewel-like wall tiling is the centerpiece to this look, adding visual depth to this largely subtle space.

  • Glazed ceramic shower tiles
  • Minimalist floating vanity
  • Square chalk floor tiles

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