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Madison Park

Classic old school glamor. The “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” energy of New York brought to the bathroom. Take it shaken or stirred, your choice.

Explore Looks
Look 1

A hunter green vanity, pink blush wall, and detailed floor tiling inject color and personality into the space without dominating it.

  • Diamond pattern floor tiles
  • Dusty rose accent wall
  • Bold & colorful
Look 2

It’s all in the details for this look. A pencil line accent, brass & gold fixtures, and basketweave tiling elevate this design.

  • Basketweave floor tiles
  • Pencil line detail
  • Subtle & clean
Look 3

Simple, solid colors ground this space. A more understated option for those who want to keep it classic.

  • Black hex floor tiles
  • Matte black fixtures
  • Contrasting & saturated

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