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Block-Powered Tools For Your Bathroom Renovation


Renovating is one of the oldest crafts that exist— and in a lot of ways, many things have remained the same. Skilled craftspeople are required to do the job right, a healthy dose of creativity still goes a long way, and projects are still complicated. That being said, we think that technology has the potential to make the renovation process simpler, and more fun, for everyone involved. There’s a few tools that we’ve developed to make it easier for anyone to renovate— whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first timer.


The Block Blueprint app is a tool that leverages advanced AR to help you bring your designs to life in your existing space. All you have to do is scan your space using your phone’s camera and pick a design from our curated library. Then, the Blueprint tool will layer your selected design over your space— letting you transform your bathroom in real time. It’s the easiest way to see how your design will look in your specific layout. No photoshop or editing required.

Block Tools - Room Scan

3D Design Tool

Settling on a design is never easy. Some fixtures and finishes might look all right on their own, but pair them with the right materials, and they’ll be able to really shine. Our 3D Design Tool lets you try out combinations of fixtures and finishes from our material library so you can see how everything comes together. Once you find a design you like, it’s easy to bring it to life with a vetted contractor— or refine it further with the help of a design professional.

Block Tools - Configurator


Managing a renovation is complicated given how many forms, agreements, deliveries and payments there are to take care of. The Block Dashboard simplifies all of that. Now, you can keep track of all the project essentials from a single place. Make payments, keep track of change orders, look at your designs, communicate with your contractor, and more from a one easy-to-navigate portal. To access the dashboard, simply take our quiz and set up your renovation profile.

Block Tools - Dashboard

These are just some of the digital tools we’ve developed to simplify the remodeling process. If you’re interested to learn more, check them out— or get in touch with our team and discover what happens when innovation meets renovation.