6 Ways Renovating with Block is Smarter


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Compared to other renovation platforms, Block plays a key supporting role at each milestone of a renovation. That translates to renovations that end up on-time, in-budget, and less headaches.

1. Hands-on so you can be hands-off.

Unlike other tech-enabled renovation companies, Block’s role doesn’t stop when you meet an assigned builder. We’re there all the way, helping to tackle the bumps, blips, and boards that make renovation both rewarding and challenging. Block works with our builder partners closely on hundreds of jobs, developing long-term relationships that transcend any individual job.

2. Design and drawings are included, not extra.

Renovating your home is expensive and for most people the addition of a designer beyond your contractor is a financial bridge too far. Block leverages the leading edge of commercial design software to make architect-grade details and thoughtful drawings part of every package. In our view, while high fidelity design and drawings are an additional investment, they pay for themselves in error reduction and customer satisfaction.

3. Procurement is part of the service.

Did you know a late delivery on a single item can delay an entire project? Procurement coordination is the number one reason that projects fall behind. Rather than having you or your builder coordinate each and every delivery, Block procures everything before it’s required for construction itself, which ensures a timely build.

4. Standards for what’s behind the wall.

Ever curious how much the stuff behind the wall matters? Block sets industry leading construction standards for the work behind your walls by specifying leading waterproofing products like Hydroban as well as leading moisture-resistant and mold-resistant raw materials.

5. Speed from efficiency, not shortcuts.

By controlling everything from design to the day that a fixture is delivered, Block strives for an uninterrupted orchestra for every project. While the total number of construction labor hours stays the same, dead time is drastically reduced. The average Block bathroom takes nearly 2/3rds less time than the national average.

6. Simple, transparent payment schedules (credit cards accepted!).

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