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Get a dedicated design experience and project plan complete with bids from vetted contractors.see details
  • Dedicated Project Planner and Designer
  • Virtual consultation and survey
  • Moodboard and drawings package with 3D renders
  • 3 vetted contractor bids
$250Per Room
One room limit at checkout. Available in greater NYC and Northern NJ. By purchasing, you agree to Block’s Terms of Service.
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Show us your space and tell us your goals

We’ll virtually visit your space, listen to your goals, and help you consider different approaches to your renovation.

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Plan your project with a Block Designer

Work with your Block designer to reimagine your space from the ground up. Materials, appliances, and final finishes—you’ll get handpicked recommendations, diagrams and 3D visualizations to help you make decisions.

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Get a detailed scope of work

We’ll send over a project plan based on your design. This includes an easy-to-understand scope of work, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from your renovation.

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Receive 3 competitive bids from vetted contractors

You’ll receive quotes from three vetted builders who work in your area. Compare prices, styles, and past projects before picking the perfect partner for your job. Want to DIY? You can always shop your plans around on your own—there’s no commitment.

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What rooms can I design?
With our Design+Scope package, you'll work with a Dedicated Designer to design bathrooms, kitchens, or both. Your package covers only one room initially, and additional rooms can be can be purchased as needed.
What does the design process entail?
Your design process includes both a pre-construction scoping visit with a planner as well as a consultative design process with a designer. It includes up to 6 hours of designer time. In order to build your design intent drawings and 3D visualizations, you will likely be required to take some key measurements for your designer.
What is the average cost of materials in a renovation?
Materials costs vary depending on size, scope, and tastes. Because of high variance in cabinetry and countertop materials, kitchens have a broader spread. Across Block customers, we see average bathroom materials schedules typically fall in the $4.5k-$7.5k range and kitchens in the $12-25k range.
I have multiple rooms I want to design– how do I do that?
You’ll pay $250 for each room you design. Ask your project planner to upgrade to more than one room.
How much is a typical construction bid for a designed bathroom or kitchen?
Renovation bids can vary greatly with scale, size, and location of your project. In New York City, a fairly typical homeowner can expect bathroom construction bids in the $17-26k range, and kitchens in the $20-45k range. This does not include materials costs which vary by a larger degree.
How does payment work when I accept a bid, and is financing available?
Your contractor will require a 20% reservation deposit to kickstart your project and reserve a crew. Subsequent payment terms will vary depending on your contractor, the project scope and timeline of your project. Block also offers simple and competitive financing with our partner Mosaic. Ask your project specialist about different approaches.

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