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We’ll virtually visit your space, listen to your goals, and help you consider different approaches to your renovation.

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We’ll put together a comprehensive project scope (with the option to add detailed designs) so you’ll know exactly what your job entails.

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You’ll then have the option to access three quotes from our vetted local builders. Compare prices, styles, and past projects before choosing the perfect partner.
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Why build with Block?

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    Expert Guidance

    A renovation is only as good as the team behind it. That’s why we painstakingly built teams and partners with expertise in construction, design, and operations.

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    Proven Track Record

    We have hundreds of projects under our work belts, so we’ve seen most of it. We use these learnings to create a detailed plan that’s designed to give you peace of mind.

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    Structured & Secure Bids

    Our bespoke bid packages are thorough and easy to understand so you can compare prices and offerings without the headache.

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    Fair Estimate Guarantee

    To give you peace of mind, our own Fair Estimate algorithm incorporates hundreds of scopes, locations, and labor rates to give you a fair sense of market pricing. If you don’t get a bid within 15% of our Fair Estimate, then your Block scoping service fee will be refunded.

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    Rigorous Vetting Process

    Before working with any contractor, we interview them, inspect their past projects, and check references and backgrounds. We’re so picky, we only accept 7% of those who apply.

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The Starting Point

Jumpstart your renovation with a Block expert. You’ll get a comprehensive project plan ready for competitive bids.

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The Upgrade

Visually plan and design your project with a dedicated team. Package includes three vetted contractor bids.

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