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Great Alternatives to Granite Countertops

There is no denying the natural beauty of granite countertops and their durability can’t be beat. But if the look isn’t for you (or doesn’t work in your space), there are a ton of other materials that are just as stunning and practical. If you’re looking to replace your surfaces, you don’t need to settle for laminate just to have a unique look. Take a look at these very attractive alternatives.

Quartz or Caesarstone

Like marble, quartz is also a very popular material for use in kitchen countertops. However, the difference is in the strength. Quartz is stronger than marble but every bit as beautiful so you can have the best of both worlds with quartz. It requires very little in terms of maintenance and can add lasting charm to your kitchen.


Stainless Steel

There is a reason why many professional kitchens have stainless steel cabinetry. This material is easy to keep clean, requires no maintenance, and does not absorb any liquids or odors from food, making it very hygienic. Many people shy away from stainless steel countertops thinking they will look too industrial or clinical. However, match them with brighter cabinets and backsplashes, and you’ll have a surprisingly warm-looking kitchen.


It’s hard to imagine concrete in a kitchen, but it can add a surprisingly unique element when done right. Match a concrete countertop with a rustic wood finish for a modern farmhouse look. Just remember the surface will need to be properly sealed if you want it to last. Once protected, the finish is extremely durable, with very little required in terms of maintenance.


Marble is timeless and every bit as elegant for a kitchen countertop. It is available in a variety of different colors and the markings are unique for every countertop. What you’ll love is the durability and it will never go out of style.

Butcher Block

If you’re after an all-natural look (or if you love a country-style kitchen), wood can be a fantastic alternative to granite countertops. Wood—or butcher block—is quite versatile, so you can go for an opulent look with a highly lacquered finish, or you can leave it looking natural for a rustic look. Keep in mind that wood is porous, so you will need to protect it with a high-quality sealant.


Lining countertops with tiles is not exactly a new concept, but the traditional finish has come back in style in recent years. Tiles are straightforward to keep clean, and as long as you seal the grout, you won’t need to worry about liquids seeping into them. Best of all, you can match the countertops to your backsplash.

There are countless countertop options to choose from, and you aren’t limited to the traditional ones. The alternatives to granite countertops are out there, so find one you like and go for it.