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Simplify your exterior & roofing upgrade by accessing digital tools and seasoned experts.

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Benefits of an exterior or roof upgrade

Replacing the exterior or roof of a building can bring several benefits, including enhanced curb appeal and improved energy efficiency. It not only gives a fresh and attractive look to the property but also helps in reducing energy costs by providing better insulation and sealing against air leaks.

stages of an exterior or roof upgrade

1. Planning and Preparation 2. Demolition and Removal 3. Installation of New Roofing Materials or Siding 4. Finishing and Cleanup 5. Final Inspection and Completion

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Get everything you need to realize your dream renovation with less stress and more confidence— from planning through design and build.


Plan with a Digital Toolkit

With data pulled from thousands of renovation projects, you can get accurate timeline and cost estimates based on local labor rates and your room dimensions and material selections.

Plan with a Digital Toolkit


Design with Customizable Looks

Conveniently start your design by accessing a range of pre-packaged, customizable looks. Once finalized, your materials are stored and delivered straight to your door— right when you need it.

Design with Customizable Looks


Build with a Block-Vetted Contractor

Based on the timeframe and complexity of your project, Block will then match you with a trusted contractor who’s met our exacting standards and been onboarded to the Block platform.

Build with a Block-Vetted Contractor

No matter the scope, you can start building today.





Any Space of Your Home

Simplify the chaos and cost of construction by accessing design, sourcing, and vetted contractors all in one place.

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