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Coronavirus: How to Plan for Your Renovation

With the current state of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York and New Jersey, homeowners face a great deal of uncertainty, especially with regards of how this will impact their renovation.

At Block, we are invested in making the planning for your renovation safer and more convenient. In this climate, we are making proactive changes so you can coordinate your pre-construction remotely.

  • Video Appointments
    Block’s project planners and construction team are readily available to join a digital walk-thru of your space to provide an accurate estimate up front.
  • Scheduling Benefits
    By booking a break ground this summer or early fall, you’re able to lock in current construction quotes and ensure you are unaffected by the changing market and seasonal demand.
  • Board Approval Preparation
    These can be long and unpredictable. We recommend submitting paperwork well in advance to stay on track with schedules and prevent delays.
  • Digital Design
    Once you’re on board, the Block design team offers digital design sessions. They’ll virtually walk through our catalogs with you, share renders of the space and mail samples directly to your door.
  • Finish & Fixtures
    Block design and procurement teams have selected fixtures and finishes from leading brands that are available with predictable lead times. We’ll schedule deliveries for your future break ground or house them in our warehouse as needed.

While the next few weeks seem unpredictable, your renovation doesn’t have to be. Plan early to ensure a more predictable project this summer.

Book a video appointment today.