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Artisan's Touch LLC

Artisan's Touch LLC

Artisan's Touch LLC

Led by Isabel, Artisan's Touch is a family owned and operated business that has been successfully completing projects since 1994. The company specializes in interior renovations, antique and art restoration, and millwork refinishing.


Isabel Salinas

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Bergen, Essex, NJ, Hudson, Union

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Patrick Z


Isabel was wonderful, constant contact and worked with me on a daily basis to address any issues. I am beyond happy with the work her team did

Robin H

West New York

My contractor was amazing. Organized, on time, communicative, fantastic. I would work with them again and again.

Christy M


Isabel and her team were a pleasure to work with.

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Meet Isabel

As the sole founder and owner of Artisan’s Touch since 1994, Isabel Salinas’ appreciation for restoration work goes even farther back to her Argentine roots, where homes and heirlooms are passed down for generations. In her work, she seeks not just to restore but give history a new beginning. Here’s how she does it:

How did you get started?

My family has a strong tradition of restoration and construction—I helped my dad on jobs since I could walk. Eventually this hobby became a way to make a living and continue learning while my husband was a touring diplomat. Spending 3-5 years in any given place, I needed to learn quickly and have a skill I could use anywhere. When we moved to the United States, I realized antique restoration was less common and I had something unique to offer. Later on I studied interior design and got my contractor’s license, all culminating in my current business.

Wow! Three trades in one. How does that play out in your work?

When I walk into a space, I see the project from all different angles—what existing materials we can work with and how, color palettes and arrangements, and how to manage the project. All my skills and roles come together. I can explain a specific item’s restoration process and then turn around and play with wallpaper on a 3D model in the same session. Having all these perspectives helps me solve the challenges in the moment, and to always be thinking ahead. 

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What’s your most exciting restoration project?

The Spanish embassy in New York contacted me to restore a 15th century campaign chest in their office. It’s basically a chest with lots of different compartments and hidden drawers to hide valuables and documents. It was so exciting to be entrusted to restore something so old by such an official client. They loved the finished product, and that gave me so much confidence and courage. 

With such a long and successful career on your own, what interested you about Block?

For years I’d been thinking that something like what they do would be a great idea, and here they’d built the platform to do it. What Block does isn’t some new design trend, but a new way of working and connecting with clients. Plus I always want to learn and try new things. I enjoy the challenge of working with Block on templates, then applying them to the unique situations of clients. That makes it easier to focus my creative energy where it really matters, and have better discussions.

Other than technological advancements, what else has changed since you started?

At first I had to learn the cultural differences between the US and Argentina. People here move houses a lot more, start from scratch, follow more trends, and want brand new things. But especially after 2008, I saw more clients considering the sustainability and cost of things. Now I’m seeing a lot more restoration versus demolishing and starting from scratch. Something that never changes is that the design trends are always changing! But that’s why restoration is great, so I can create something “new,” while making it classic and durable.

What gives you joy about what you do?

I love to learn. I always want to learn more and figure out how to combine my skills. My skills also honor my background while helping my clients preserve and refresh the history of their own spaces and what’s in them. Contributing to a space—to someone’s home!—is a huge responsibility and opportunity that excites me with every project.

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