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modern bathroom designs 2023

10 modern bathroom designs that feel very 2023

While modern design has roots in the early to mid-1900s, it remains just as relevant in 2020. From the resurgence of iconic modernist pieces like Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair to the sleek, marble-filled bathrooms of Instagram fame, modern design clearly has a place in the 21st century.

Case in point: these 10 modern bathroom designs that feel very 2020. Each features modernist elements like clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials, in addition to touches of Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century flair. If you’re currently gathering inspiration for your own remodel, your search for modern bathroom designs that feel fresh and appropriately 2020 ends here.

Warm Wood and Cool Marble

Replete with warm wood, cool marble, and sleek black hardware, this bathroom featured on design and lifestyle blog Moded Amour is a perfect example of modernism reimagined. Designed by Australian interior firm Arent & Pyke, it contains classic elements like earthy tones, clean lines, and practical furniture, as well as more contemporary fixtures like the sculptural free-standing bathtub and brass pendant lighting.

Modern Marble and Eclectic Accessories

Athena Calderone’s design blog Eye Swoon is a lesson in intuitive design; she effortlessly blends different styles in nearly every room of her Brooklyn townhouse. The master bathroom is a perfect example: it features elements of modernism— like the neutral color palette, marble shower, and unfussy aesthetic—as well as eclectic, unique details and vintage finds.

Monochrome White and Texture-Rich Tile

This bathroom designed by Melissa Lunardon contains many hallmarks of modern bathroom design in 2020: a neutral color palette, plenty of natural light, minimal accessories, and a clear glass shower panel that preserves the open floor plan. The cherry on top: a touch of texture in the form of handcrafted herringbone shower tile.

Small Tile and Mid-Century Modern Details

If you’re looking to design a modern bathroom with a touch of mid-century charm, take note from architecture firm Fieldwork and add a bit of warm wood and cool terrazzo to the space. Combined with a modern floating dual-sink vanity, utilitarian square tile, and a neutral color palette, it feels fresh and elevated.

Cool Scandinavian Modernism

For a modern bathroom design with a cool Scandinavian touch, opt for a vertically-aligned subway shower tile and cool gray Signorino stone floor tiles. Paired with gray waffle towels, minimal accents, and a splash of greenery, it feels perfectly 2020.

Modern Monochrome Terrazzo

This bathroom is proof that ’80s-inspired terrazzo can be understated and chic. Paired with stamped concrete floors, matte black fixtures, natural lighting, and tan linens, this space is rooted in modernism but with a few contemporary details.

Spa-Inspired Wood Paneling

This petite half-bath is a lesson in spa-inspired bathroom design. With the paneled wood on the floor and ceiling, the modern space feels warm and inviting. Pair the look with a high-contrast black and white color palette for an understated feel.

Warm Tan Tile & Cool Black Hardware

If you’d like to go beyond the standard black-and-white color palette, opt for a warm tan bathroom tile, a floating oak vanity, and eye-catching black hardware. The look, designed by Space Factory, veers slightly into Scandinavian territory while still maintaining tenets of modernism.

Simplified Undone Concrete

Stick to traditional principles of modern design and keep it simple, functional, and spacious. With its free-standing bathtub, stark black hardware, and textured concrete, this bathroom from award-winning hardware company Meir is a perfect mix of utilitarian and luxe design.

Veined Black Marble & Natural Light

Nothing says 21st-century modernism like rich, veined Calatorao marble. This bathroom designed by architecture firm Berga & Gonzalez features a crisp white bathtub, a plinth-style dual-sink vanity, and rich marble flooring. The minimalist space is pure 2020 modern design.