small contemporary bathroom vanity design

Why contemporary bathroom vanity designs are more elegant and efficient

When you get down to basics, a bathroom vanity is a box designed to hold the sink and cover up the plumbing. For decades, these structures were either fairly large and clunky, extending from the countertop to the floor, or dainty pedestals with no cupboards whatsoever. One option provided plenty of storage (the other not at all), but neither were necessarily well-thought-out or optimized for bathrooms.

Today’s contemporary bathroom vanity designs have completely changed the game: They are no longer just big boxes designed to hide pipes. Instead, their functional and attractive style typically has a “floating” design that makes the room look more spacious. They also incorporate roomy drawers and shelves to maximize storage, often in a very smart way.

Let’s look at some great examples of contemporary vanity designs.

Efficient use of space

Contemporary vanities make the best use of available space, fitting into alcoves or right up to the tub as needed. Depending on the space you have to work with, contemporary designs can work in single and double-sink configurations.

Floating design

Contemporary vanities are often wall-mounted, giving them the appearance of floating in the room. Because they don’t extend to the floor, these pieces appear lighter and less imposing than a traditional vanity. Exposing the expanse of flooring underneath gives the sense that the room is larger, making this style of vanity an excellent choice in a smaller bathroom. (The floating design also makes it easier to clean the floor!)

Clean, simple lines

The hallmark of contemporary bathroom vanity design is sleek, simple lines. It’s elegant in its simplicity. Contemporary vanities also make use of modern materials, such as white acrylic, marble, or quartz countertops and minimalistic shapes like integrated sinks. Natural materials likewood are also commonly used for the cabinet fronts, either in a natural stain or painted in a modern palette.

Clever storage

While a contemporary bathroom vanity appears much smaller than its traditional counterpart, it’s designed to optimize storage. Smart shelf and drawer systems allow you to organize your towels and toiletries and easily access what you need when you need it. This type of vanity keeps items hidden out of sight when you’re not using them—an important consideration in clean and minimal contemporary bathrooms.

Provide a focal point

With the variety of materials and designs available, a contemporary vanity can be truly eye-catching. It’s all about making it the focal point of the room. For instance, many designers add an oversized mirror that’s round or oval in shape to contrast with the vanity’s straight lines and flank it with simple modern sconces. The simplicity of the vanity also provides a perfect background for a statement vessel sink or wall-mounted plumbing fixtures.

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