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flat panel kitchen cabinets

Try flat-panel cabinets if you're looking for a more modern look

When it comes to kitchen decor, the most obvious elements are the cabinets. In particular, the cupboard doors are usually the first thing people notice, which sets the tone mode for the rest of the space. If you’re looking at incorporating a sleek modern feel to your kitchen, flat-panel cabinets are the way to go. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Why Choose Flat Panels?

Flat-panel kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen clean lines and a contemporary, minimalistic feel. The doors of these cabinets have no embellishments, which makes them easier to wipe clean. One of the best things about flat panels is that they are always trending. Unlike other trends that go in and out of style, flat panels will look timeless for years to come.

Are Flat Panel Cabinets Complicated to Install?

The hardest part of installing a kitchen is the cabinets themselves. These boxes need to fit perfectly in their designated spots, and are often custom made to fit the specific space. The cabinet fronts are where precision is required to ensure they are perfectly aligned with each other. Of course, if the boxes are properly installed, the cabinet doors should not be a problem.

Simple Handles

The choices for handles for your kitchen cabinets and drawers are endless. The best ones to choose for flat panel kitchen cabinets are the simplest ones. There isn’t much point in opting for the clean lines and sleek modern design of flat panel cabinetry if you’re going to add overly ornate handles. Keep these simple, too, so that you have a seamless, clean finish. For a truly minimalistic look, opt for push-to-open latches and forego hardware altogether.

Incorporating Appliances

Your fridge and dishwasher can also become part of your sleek cabinetry as these appliances can be purchased panel-ready. The stovetop and oven are different issues. The appliances can’t be hidden, but by choosing stainless steel finishes and having them installed flush with flat-panel cabinets (or by building the oven into a wall of cabinets and the stovetop separately on the counter), you’ll still get a modern-looking kitchen.

Colors & Textures

When people talk about modern kitchens, the usual image is white and clean. However, white is not everyone’s choice, and it’s not always a practical color for busy families who cook a lot. Fortunately, a sleek and modern flat panel kitchen does not have to feature a monotone color scheme. You can opt for any color you want to match the decor in other areas of your home—gray, hunter green, and navy are popular options. You can also add texture by choosing a wood finish like oak or walnut.

Flat panels are ideal for any space, whether you’re installing a kitchen in a brand new home or renovating an old one. There are many stylish colors, patterns, and textures you can add to your kitchen to suit your home, lifestyle, and personality.