fridge that looks like cabinets

8 Kitchens Featuring A Fridge That Looks Like It's Cabinets

Fridges that look like cabinets, otherwise known as panel-ready refrigerators, are a way to integrate your fridge to match your cupboard doors seamlessly. Gone are the days of bulky fridges sticking out like sore thumbs, today’s modern kitchens lean towards this sleek, seamless look. There are many options at your disposal for fridges that look like cabinets, and we’ve found eight gorgeous ones:

Flat Panels

The most common types of cabinetries for kitchens are flat panels, and they are a versatile option due to their endless color choices and textures. The same panels used for your cabinets can enclose your fridge for a seamless finish.

Natural Wood

Wood is timeless and elegant, which is why it is often a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. The right wood with finish will give your kitchen a high-end look, made even more luxe by a panel over the fridge door, so it matches the richness of your cabinets.

Raised Panels

Raised panels give kitchens traditional charm and elegance. This look can also give you a very defined cover for your refrigerator door. You can choose different colored doors or opt for wood.

Distressed Doors

Think of an old farmhouse with apple pie on the counter surrounded by distressed-looking cabinets. The look does not need to lean towards shabby chic and making sure your fridge is incorporated into the cabinets will help give it a more elevated feel.


The beauty of thermofoil is its durability. It’s a tough material that is superimposed over pressed wood, and the color and texture options are endless. Not only is this material easy to keep clean, but it can also cover all the cabinets in your kitchen, including the fridge.

Rustic Doors

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in previous eras, this was the place where the family met for meals. Kitchens weren’t renovated, but rather, were built to last. Even after years of use, these kitchens still looked beautiful, and many people want to recreate that old charm today. Add a modern element by incorporating this look to your fridge as well.

Stainless Steel

One of the cleanest and easy-to-maintain materials in any kitchen is stainless steel. It also happens to look gorgeous. You can cover all of your cabinets in stainless steel, which will last you a lifetime. Still, you can also mix up the look with stainless steel panels over your fridge door and other appliances while choosing a different material for other cabinet doors.

Cooling Drawers

When we talk about fridges, we usually conjure an image of an upright fridge and freezer combination. If you truly want your fridge to look like your cabinets, ditch the upright and look at incorporating smaller cooling drawers. Not only is this the ultimate choice for small spaces, but you can compartmentalize your food and beverages for better organization as well.

Your choices for kitchen layout and design are positively endless. When it comes to fridges that look like cabinets, anything goes.