NYC couple preparing packet for condo board approval for renovation

A Step-by-Step Guide to NYC Condo and Co-op Board Approval Processes for Renovations

Renovating condos and co-ops in New York City can be a complex process due to the unique rules and regulations of each building. These guidelines are designed to maintain the structural integrity, aesthetic consistency, and overall safety of the building. We're here to help you navigate these requirements smoothly. Here's your guide to navigating the process:

Review building regulations and guidelines:

Start your renovation project by reviewing the latest version of your building's alteration agreement and house rules. Obtain these documents from your Property Manager or Board to understand the specifics regarding both minor and major renovations. These might include:

  • Permissible alterations
  • Required permits
  • Architectural guidelines
  • Noise restrictions
  • Insurance requirements
  • Approval processes and associated fees

Prepare your plans

Prepare detailed plans, drawings, and specifications for the proposed alterations. Depending on the complexity of your project, these may need to be prepared by a licensed architect or engineer. For simpler updates, a project description from a designer or contractor might suffice.

Submit your application:

Compile all of the required documentation, complete the board's alteration application, and pay any associated fees.
Once submitted, your Management company will review your application either internally or have the Building's Architect/Engineer issue a formal report. Be prepared to receive feedback on your proposed renovation that will require responses and/or adjustments made to plans. Typically you are collaborating with your team to provide satisfactory responses and issue new details. 

Wait for board approval and conditions:

Once your application is reviewed and all feedback addressed, the board will issue their approval, possibly with specific conditions like:

  • Adhering to specified working hours
  • Obtaining additional insurance
  • Pulling specific permits

Review and comply with these conditions carefully.

Obtain necessary permits:

Typical permits required for kitchen and bathroom renovations can include, but are not limited to, an LAA Permit, Electrical Permit and/or an ALT2 Permit. Make sure you have these permits in hand before beginning any work.

Notify your neighbors:

Most buildings will require you to inform your immediate neighbors of the nature and duration of the work planned.

Keep your eyes on the prize:

We understand that renovating in NYC can seem overwhelming with its many steps and detailed requirements. As you begin your renovation journey, remember the importance of staying calm and organized. Successfully navigating the condo and co-op board approval process involves meticulously preparing detailed plans, adhering to your building’s specific regulations, and maintaining clear communication with your board and neighbors. By doing so, you'll ensure your project not only meets all necessary standards but also progresses smoothly. Stick with it, and soon enough, you'll achieve your dream home.