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Understanding Renovation Phases and Timelines: From Planning to Construction

Renovating a space is an exciting endeavor that breathes new life into your home. However, embarking on a renovation project without a clear understanding of the different phases and their associated timelines can lead to frustration and delays. This post will guide you through the essential renovation phases—planning, design, pre-construction, and construction—and shed light on the typical timelines for each stage. By familiarizing yourself with these phases, you can better navigate your renovation journey and ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Planning Phase:

The planning phase lays the groundwork for your renovation project. During this stage, you'll outline your goals, establish a budget, and gather inspiration. It's essential to spend sufficient time in this phase to avoid potential hiccups later on. The timeline can vary depending on the project complexity and decision-making process, but expect to spend at least 1 week on planning.

Design Phase:

The design phase is where your renovation vision takes shape. For some projects, you may work closely with architects or interior designers to develop detailed plans and select materials. The design phase timeline typically lasts around 2-6 weeks, but it can vary based on the project complexity, rounds of revision and feedback, and whether you’re working with professionals.


The pre-construction phase is all about preparation and ensuring that everything is in place before construction commences. This phase includes contractor selection, scheduling, ordering materials, and procuring necessary permits and materials. Timelines can vary greatly depending on material section, project scope, and building approval timelines, but on average we’ve found that pre-construction lasts 5-12 weeks. 


The construction phase is when your vision comes to life. It involves the physical execution of the project, coordination with contractors and subcontractors, and regular site visits. Construction timelines can vary significantly based on project size, complexity, and unforeseen challenges. Small renovations may take a few weeks to a couple of months, while larger-scale projects may extend to several months or even a year. 

Understanding the different phases and their respective timelines is crucial for a successful renovation project. By allocating sufficient time for planning, design, pre-construction, and construction, you can minimize delays and unexpected setbacks. Remember that these timelines are general estimates, and the specifics will depend on various factors. Working with Block’s streamlined renovation platform will help ensure a smooth renovation journey.