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apartment remodeling in brooklyn costs

Sizing up the true cost of an apartment remodel project in Brooklyn

Apartment remodeling can be draining for both your mind and your bank account. It is a complicated and extensive process that needs your active involvement at every stage. To make your life easier and your apartment remodeling more convenient, it’s helpful to make a detailed plan.

One of the most important components of apartment remodeling is budgeting. Having a total amount in mind and knowing all the costs in advance will help you make financially sound decisions enabling you to get better work done at a lower price. Here are some important tips and considerations that will help you during an apartment remodel in Brooklyn.

Understand What Affects Apartment Remodel Cost In Brooklyn

An apartment remodel can mean different things to different people. It covers everything from a complete renovation to small changes like kitchen renovations and changing light fixtures.

While the specific costs might be different, certain variable costs categories will affect your bottom line, including:

  • Cost of materials
  • Underlying issues in the apartment
  • Size of each room
  • Location of the property
  • Scope of renovation

Apartment Remodel Cost In Brooklyn

Apartment remodeling in Brooklyn can be expensive. But, if you budget correctly, you can make some cost-effective decisions along the way. Based on the factors mentioned above, apartment remodeling costs differ significantly according to the project’s scope.

Here are some figures for apartment remodel costs in Brooklyn:

  • Small Renovations: A remodel that involves mostly cosmetic changes like new paint, changing the flooring, and upgrading several appliances in the house can cost under $100,000.
  • Basic Renovations: A renovation that involves updating all the mechanicals, remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms (including an upgrade in tiles and counters) can cost anywhere between $50,000 to $300,000 or $50 per square foot.
  • Medium Renovations: Such a remodel involves working on a complete makeover of the kitchens and bathrooms. It includes all of the items mentioned above, plus some extensive design and remodeling work related to the wet rooms of an apartment such as changing the plumbing layout and installing high-end appliances. This can cost between $100,000 to $500,000 or $100 per square foot for such a renovation.
  • Top-of-the-line renovations: An apartment remodel with no expenses spared can cost between $200,000 to $1,000,000 or $200 per square foot.

While it’s essential to know the total cost of the remodeling, it is equally important to know more about room-specific costs.

  • Kitchen Renovation Costs: Depending on the size of the kitchen and the quality of appliances and finishes you choose, the kitchen remodeling costs in Brooklyn range from $20,000 to $78,000.
  • Bathroom Renovation Costs: In Brooklyn, bathroom renovation costs range from $13,000 to $78,000.
  • Bedroom and Living Room Costs: For dry spaces like bedrooms or living rooms, renovation costs typically average from $30 to $50 per square foot.

If you need any assistance with your apartment remodeling, our team of experts will help you out!