Apartment remodeling in Brooklyn? Try these tips.

Renovating a Brooklyn apartment can prove to be an expensive project. Local labor and base materials in NYC tend to cost more than in the rest of the country. New York law also makes it mandatory to obtain various permits before starting any construction or remodeling work in the city.

These prerequisites for a Brooklyn apartment renovation can set you back thousands of dollars. This is why it is extremely important to plan ahead before you start. Here is a list of a few essential things you should keep in mind while remodeling your Brooklyn apartment.

Open up the kitchen

Older Brooklyn apartments are notorious for their compact galley kitchens. While this seems practical given the smaller footprint, it often isn’t conducive to modern lifestyles or in line with the current trends. In fact, an increasing number of New Yorkers have opted to take down walls and open up their kitchens, which makes the entire apartment feel more spacious.

You can choose to add a kitchen island or a peninsula to bridge the transition with the living area and make your kitchen feel more inviting to guests. We also recommend switching your old kitchen appliances for new ones to help save up on valuable floor space and energy costs.

Decide if you want to replace or restore

Make a list of things that you want to restore and replace before you begin the demo work. Once you have everything written down, you can start requesting quotes and researching the price of products to see what’s realistic and what’s not.

Hardwood floors, for example, are expensive when purchased new, but existing ones can be easily repaired or refinished if they aren’t too damaged. By contrast, it might make sense to replace an old, faulty refrigerator with a newer one.

Sort your permits out

The city of New York requires you to get specific permits every time you choose to remodel your home. Remodeling an apartment in buildings of historic importance also needs special permission from the Landmark committee and co-ops often request approval from the board. Be sure to hire professionals to help you sort through these permits before starting construction work.

Count your budget twice

You will need several official permits and no-objection letters before you start remodeling your Brooklyn apartment. These permits can cost you thousands of dollars. Coupled with the high costs of labor and base materials in the city, you can expect to spend a sizable amount on your project. This makes it extremely important for you to consult professionals who can chart the entire process out for you. These professionals make sure there are no do-overs or obstructions.

Expand on your storage

Get creative with your storage options. A walk-in closet in your master bedroom might mean less space for sleeping, but it can help you sort your clutter issues. If you don’t have enough space, sleeker wall closets don’t take up much space. Allocating a healthy amount of your floor space for closets in odd places like unusually wide hallways or awkwardly shaped rooms can work wonders for your apartment.