10 Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation Project


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If you’re looking to make a statement in your bathroom, look no further than wall tile. From hex and penny tile to floor-to-ceiling terrazzo and marble, the treatment is mold-resistant and easy to clean, while also giving you the opportunity to infuse personality into your space. When it comes to bathroom wall tile ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, the limitless options are exactly what makes choosing bathroom wall tiles so challenging. In addition to deciding whether you want a full statement wall, a small backsplash, or a 360-degree application, you also have to choose the actual tile size, layout, and color palette.

To help narrow down your options, here are 10 bathroom wall tile ideas that will kickoff your bathroom design brainstorm.

Penny Tile Backsplash

If you’re not quite ready for floor-to-ceiling bathroom wall tile, consider adding a penny tile backsplash below your vanity mirror. Take notes from BAM Construction and opt for white tile and black grout to create an eye-catching contrast, and polish off the look with fresh cut Monstera leaves, woven baskets, and dark linens.

Waterfall Terrazzo Tile

This bathroom wall tile idea veers into maximalist territory while still remaining fresh and modern. Opt for a bold, sage-flecked terrazzo tile and match the backsplash to the floor for a waterfall effect. Allow the terrazzo colors to dictate your palette and select paint and accessories accordingly.

Floor-to-Ceiling Square Ceramic Tile

If combing through countless bathroom wall tile ideas feels overwhelming, keep it simple with an inexpensive square ceramic tile on the floor and walls. In this space, Ukranian designer Vladislav Kislenko completed the look with warm wood, black accents, and plenty of greenery.

Dark Grey Herringbone Wall Tile

Modern bathrooms don’t have to stick to a minimalist, white-on-white color palette. Go dark with a plinth-style marble countertop, charcoal herringbone bathroom wall tile, and warm wood accents. Further heighten that contrast with eye-catching brass hardware, white towels, and a porcelain sink.

Horizontal-Stacked Subway Tile

Take note from French photographer and writer Garance Doré and opt for a glossy horizontally stacked subway tile. As you can see from her bathroom, this utilitarian style is anything but boring—especially when paired with warm wood shelving, a graphic terracotta rug, and texture-rich pampas grass.

Vertical-Stacked Subway Tile

The beauty of a simple rectangular tile is that applying it in a different pattern can completely change its look. For a slightly more Scandi-inspired feel, opt for a cool gray vertical-stacked subway tile, inspired by this bathroom by Australian design firm The Stables. Paired with curved mirrors, matte black hardware, and soft textiles, you can create a serene, spa-like atmosphere.

Rose Gold Penny Tile

Pink bathrooms can be subtle, as evidenced by this space from Australian firm Decus Interiors. Opt for a soft rose penny tile and matching grout for a textured, 80s-inspired look, and complete the space with gold hardware and white towels. Paint one wall a light gray shade to balance out the look.

Classic Subway Tile

The above space designed by The Stables is proof that you can’t go wrong with a classic white subway tile. Create eye-catching contrast with dark grout, and play with configuration to make the popular style a bit more unique. Add texture with a simple oak vanity, fresh greenery, and a matte oval mirror.

Oversized Square Tile

Wall-to-wall bathroom tile may look daunting, but remember that it’ll fend off mold or water damage. For an ultra-modern look, opt for durable oversized gray tile for the walls and floors, and add visual interest with a black vanity, fresh greenery, and a brass light fixture.

Marble and Stone

If you can’t choose between stone and marble, take note from design firm Cera Stribley Architects and add both. Line the wall with a single row of square stone, and cut it with a glossy swirled carrara marble vanity. Polish off the look with cool wood floor, a gold pendant light, and monochrome grey linens.

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