7 Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas for Your Bathroom


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Bathroom trends come and go, with some lasting considerably longer than others. Over decades, we’ve seen bathroom designs change, and today, the modern twist is the doorless walk-in shower. Keep in mind, though, that compared to standard tubs, these luxurious showers haven’t been around all that long. While bathtubs are still necessary in some instances, you simply can’t beat the quick convenience of the shower.

Let’s take a look at seven stunning examples of this newer trend for your next bathroom remodeling.

  1. Add a glass panel
  2. For a small bathroom, the doorless walk-in shower is a winner. Install a glass panel on the side of the shower head to prevent water splashing everywhere. It looks stunning, and it’s practically maintenance-free.

  3. Make your tiles pop
  4. Define your walk-in shower space with retro-looking tiles. The contrasting colors of cool mint green against white tiles add dimension to a smaller space. Add a glass splash panel and brass fittings to complete this charming concept.

  5. Focus on the view
  6. For a doorless walk-in shower idea that also gives you the enchanting feeling of showering outdoors, position it next to the window. This gives you the extra advantage of less steam in the bathroom, which means the likelihood of mold or mildew forming is significantly reduced.

  7. Tile the opening
  8. While doorless walk-in showers are a great solution for small spaces, they also work with larger bathrooms. You can create a doorless shower by constructing a wall around the space and arching the opening. Line all the walls with tiles and you have an incredibly unique shower.

  9. Create a wet area
  10. If you have a big bathroom, why not make it feel like a luxury spa? Designating more square footage to your shower means less need to have a dividing wall or partition. Just make sure that your “wet area” is waterproofed with floor-to-ceiling tile.

  11. 6. Add privacy
  12. Despite the doorless walk-in shower idea being fabulous, not everyone likes being visible while bathing. If you want privacy but don’t want to block off natural light, try glass tiles or a frosted glass partition which lets the light in, while keeping you concealed.

  13. Make it functional
  14. A dividing wall in the bathroom can be used to create shelving on one side while also serving as a separation to a walk in doorless shower. Depending on the size of the space you have, you can convert the space on the other side into a single or double shower.

Do away with cheap-looking shower curtains and hard-to-open shower doors and transform your bathroom with any one of these doorless walk-in shower ideas. These ideas make showering easy and add a pleasing aesthetic to this much-used space.

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