flat front cabinets

Create a seamless kitchen with flat-front cabinets

If you are looking to redo your kitchen, you may have considered flat front cabinets. This cabinetry option has been growing extremely popular and is frequently used in modern designs, but it can also work well in a space with a traditional touch.

Because flat-front cabinets don’t make use of ornamental framing, they are surprisingly versatile, come in many colors and finishes, and go well with almost any kitchen style (they’re also easier to clean). Here are some flat front cabinet ideas to give your kitchen a timeless look:

Warm Wood and White Quartz

In this sleek design, warm wood lower cabinets are paired with white upper cabinetry. These are accented with aged brass hardware and white quartz countertops for a layered neutral look.

Black and White Cabinetry With Brass Shelves

This kitchen makes use of black flat-front cabinets with a mix of white upper slab cabinets and brass and glass shelves, which gives the space a contemporary touch. Whereas most flat-front cabinets are overlaid, these ones are inset, meaning they are integrated into the interior of the cabinet frame, fitting flush with the face of the cabinet box and giving them a timeless, custom feel. The black cabinets are accented with matte black hardware, which gives the kitchen a minimal look.

Steel and Brass Kitchen with White Flat Front Cabinets

In this contemporary kitchen, white flat front cabinets accented with brass hardware and a deeply veined marble backsplash slab are paired with stainless steel appliances, proving that mixing metals can look sophisticated.

Hunter Green Slab Cabinets

This sleek set of hunter green cabinets sets the tone in this spacious kitchen. This palette works perfectly if you want a change from the more popular black, white, and wood cabinets that most houses tend to have. The upper cabinets run all the way to the ceiling while the island accommodates a built-in microwave and dishwasher.

Walnut Cabinetry with Matte Black Pulls

This kitchen features dark walnut flat front cabinets with a polished veined marble countertop. The matte black hardware complements the brown cabinets, giving the space a sophisticated feel. The hood is concealed by white flat front cabinets which run the length of the room to break up the wood cabinetry and make the space feel larger.