freestanding kitchen cabinet ideas and islands

How to incorporate freestanding kitchen cabinets into your space

Kitchen cabinets make up the biggest part of the kitchen, and there is certainly no shortage of colors and designs to choose from. While the modern kitchen tends to have built-in cabinets, there is also opportunity to incorporate free-standing kitchen cabinets. After all, while there are few rules you need to follow when designing your dream kitchen, you do need adequate storage.

This type of cabinetry works well if you need additional cupboards but don’t want to go through a full renovation, or if you simply want a rustic look. Let’s take a look at some great free-standing kitchen cabinets and how to work them into your space.

The classic hutch

If you have a decent-sized wall to fill in your kitchen, a hutch can add valuable storage as well as blend in with the aesthetics of your kitchen. The glass doors are ideal for showing off heirloom serving dishes or crystal glass sets and decanters.

The makeshift pantry

Not every kitchen has clean lines to work with and when it comes to older homes, expect the unexpected. If your space has an unusual corner, this would be the ideal place to add one or two free-standing cabinets to give you extra pantry storage. Free-standing kitchen cabinets make excellent pantries. Take a trip down memory lane with a farmhouse look and a pantry full of delectable goodies, or go clean and modern to match your space.

The freestanding island

Every kitchen can benefit from having an island. They create added workspace and extra storage for pots, pans, and just about anything else you need to store near the stove. Match it with your existing kitchen decor or choose a different look to create contrast.

The multipurpose sideboard

For a bit of rustic charm, a free-standing sideboard can work well with any type of kitchen. This type of piece makes a great addition to the space between the kitchen and the dining area.

The breakfast station

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so having a dedicated space in the kitchen to prepare it helps make sure everyone can easily put together a quick and nutritious snack. Keep your cereal boxes, bread, and coffee items in this area for a quick breakfast on the go. Add baskets to keep fruit, bread, and even lunch bags all ready to go.

The freestanding mini-bar

If you love entertaining family and friends, then you’ll love the convenience of a freestanding mini-bar or drinks station. This is the perfect place to keep all of your bottles of wine, mixers and spirits as well as all the glasses to serve your parties with style.

The main benefit of a free-standing kitchen cabinet is that you can find the perfect storage and functional solution for any bare wall. They are easy to incorporate into any kitchen, and they are easy to take out if you change your mind.