kitchen cabinet without doors example

7 great examples of kitchen cabinets with out doors – if you're into that sort of thing

There’s no doubt about it, kitchen cabinets come in a variety of different and very individual designs. Styles range from ultra-modern to very traditional or even farmhouse. But one unusual idea you may not have considered is kitchen cabinets without doors.

This works best when applied to the upper cabinets, but lower cabinets can also benefit from this look—under a kitchen island, for instance, or around the stove where you need to grab pots and pans quickly. While this look is not for everyone (and requires a certain level of tidiness), here are seven examples of kitchen cabinets without doors that will inspire you to display your best dinnerware.

Add Fabric or Wallpaper Backing

When you take away the kitchen cabinet doors, you can get really creative with the back of the shelves. For a truly unique look, line the back of the cabinets with fabric or wallpaper and display your favorite glassware or china.

Play Around With Cabinet Sizes

If you love the rustic look of vintage kitchens, play around with reclaimed cabinets of different sizes. You can play with two larger cupboards on each end with a smaller one in the middle, or alternate between sizes along a large wall. You can even choose different heights and widths for a vintage look that is also a little whimsical.

Add a Contrasting Color

Let your imagination run wild with kitchen cabinets without doors by painting the inside in a contrasting color. This is the perfect way to display your favorite crockery and add a pop of color to your space.

Incorporate Baskets

If you don’t like the idea of bare shelves with your kitchen cabinets without doors, incorporate some baskets to keep everything organized. These will add a touch of country charm and elegance to any kitchen, and it will also make it easy to store multiple small items.

Shine a Spotlight on It

For those who like order, the shelving inside kitchen cabinets without doors can be used to showcase favorite dishes and glassware. Add some lighting to the inside of the cabinets to shine a light on prized possessions and add an eye-catching effect.

Add Some Arches

One of the best things about kitchen cabinets without doors is that you don’t need to have a boxed-in look. Add visual variety by incorporating arches around the shelves.

Rack It Up

When you do away with kitchen cabinet doors, you can add some interesting elements to your cabinets and change the way you store your crockery. Instead of stacking plates on top of each other, install racks and stash them on their sides for a vaguely British country look. You can also install glass racks and hang your stemware.

There are no set rules when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for your home. If you want kitchen cabinets without doors, the key to achieving a beautiful and functional look is in displaying your favorite items and keeping shelves tidy. This is a different direction but definitely one you can pull off if you choose the right elements to show off.