a kitchen island with a sink

8 stylish kitchen island ideas with a sink

The popularity of the kitchen island is undeniable in a modern home. It adds countertop space and makes it easier to chat with family and friends while preparing meals. An island is also the perfect place to add a sink as long as it’s done with style and purpose in mind. If you want to add a kitchen island with a sink in your next renovation, take a look at these eight ideas and get inspired.

A Multi-Functional Space

When designing a kitchen island with a sink, think of using the island for more than just washing dishes. Have the sink on the inner side of the island and a breakfast bar on the other side. It looks great, and the dishes are easy to put away when the meal is over.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

If you’ve got the space, create an extra-large kitchen island with a sink. You can include a double sink, with or without a garbage disposal or even have a second smaller sink for drinks.

Appliances Station

Keep your microwave and dishwasher out of sight by installing them on either side of your kitchen island. Not only is this layout convenient, but it also allows you to have more cabinet space along the wall behind the island.

Multiple Islands

There are no rules for having a kitchen island, and you can have more than one if space allows. If you have ample open space, you can have a separate island for the sink and another one for the stove.

Farmhouse Charm

An undermount sink with the right cabinets and countertops can look very incredibly charming in a farmhouse kitchen. This is the perfect look for a timeless space.

Standout Lighting

If you want your kitchen island and sink to stand out, add some elegant pendant lighting above the island. It will highlight your plumbing fixtures and you’ll have extra lighting where you need it.

Size Does Matter

When designing a kitchen island with a sink, size is of the utmost importance. If you only have a small space, there will not be much room for anything else if the island has a sink, so this is best pulled off with a larger island.

Dual-Level Island

The kitchen island may be ideal for the sink, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want all the dishes visible. A dual level island allows you to combine the sink with a higher breakfast bar and keep the sink hidden from the open-plan living area.

A kitchen island with a sink is all about creating a functional space that allows for efficient flow. That does not mean you need to compromise on style. Plan your kitchen island so you can enjoy the best of efficiency and a modern, stylish appearance.