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kitchen update ideas

15 kitchen update ideas for when you can’t rip the whole thing out

Being trapped inside a house for over a year can be mentally taxing (we’re looking at you, 2020). Old, dull finishes and awkward kitchen layouts can make this all the more difficult. After all, if you are going to be spending so much time at home, you at least want the place to feel fresh.

While options are endless when renovating a kitchen, these 15 simple kitchen update ideas might just be the inspiration you need to give your space a fresh feel:

Change your metals

Hardware is an easy way to tell a kitchen’s age. Luckily, it’s also a quick upgrade you can make yourself. Use new materials and design trends to change things up. Some metals that can give the kitchen a fresh look include stainless steel, brushed brass, and copper. Incorporating these metals into the cabinetry and lighting might give your kitchen a brand new look.

Replace your flooring

Flooring plays a significant role in the beauty of a kitchen, because it’s one of the room’s largest surfaces. Switch up tired linoleum with ceramic or stone tiles, or refresh your space with hardwood planks to help transform your kitchen without ripping out cabinets.

Discard unnecessary upper cabinets

Most older kitchens maximized upper cabinet space for dishes and kitchenware. Unfortunately, these cabinets often take up a lot of space visually, making the kitchen look cluttered. Removing these will help in freeing the space up for modern shelves that will give a minimal yet elegant feel.

Remodel your countertops

Some dated kitchens have questionable countertop surfaces like tile and- grout which can get dirty with time or vinyl that can start peeling at the corners after a while. But the options in today’s age are endless (and often more durable). Your kitchen workspace can get a contemporary look with more structure and definition by using quartz or marble.

Add seating arrangements

Contemporary kitchens focus on spaciousness. Updating the space by opening up the layout and making room for a breakfast nook or an island with counter stools can give your home a fresh feel.

Upgrade your appliances

Outdated appliances increase energy consumption while needlessly wasting resources. Upgrading your appliances with energy-efficient ones is eco-friendly and cost-effective. Now that’s a win-win solution we can get behind.

Improve the color palette

Painting existing cabinets with a fresh color can alter the outdated look of a kitchen without needing to replace the entire thing. From vibrant colors like navy and sage green to minimalist hues like pure white or warm gray, there’s a wide range of options to choose from.

Introduce new lighting picks

From recessed and under-cabinet lighting to pendant lights over kitchen islands and breakfast nooks, modernizing the look of your kitchen with lighting is the ultimate touch-up for ambience!

Add ornamental items

Adding decorative elements is a wonderful kitchen update idea that’s often both simple and rental friendly. For example, add display shelves for kitchenware or flower vases to bring out your personal taste in your space.

Remove walls

Partitions that eat up a lot of space can be taken down to increase the area and make the kitchen more habitable. This can help you incorporate different designs as well.

Create a backsplash

Updating your cooking area with a tile backsplash will immensely bring out the kitchen’s charm.

Add a kitchen island

From seating to storage, islands help increase the efficiency of a kitchen in numerous ways. They also help in adding to the design.

Make use of corners

Adding a cozy nook in the corner for dining or working can help in adding storage space and comfort.

Opt for built in appliances

Built-in appliances help save up on space (especially if you’re the dual-oven type). It also frees up lower cabinet storage if you opt for a simple stovetop instead of a full range.

Vary textures

Use a variety of textures, colors, and materials to give your kitchen a visually diverse and playful look. This will add more vibrancy and uniqueness.

If you are looking to change up your kitchen’s design, get in touch with us at Block and work with our design team to find a solution right for you.