replacing kitchen floor cost

The cost of replacing your kitchen floors with new ones depends on what you're looking for – and how they're installed

How much does new flooring cost? According to the Home Guide, if you look at it per square foot, your average cost for new flooring plus installation can amount to a total of $6 to $10. Depending on your location and the materials used, this price can also vary.

For example, if your medium-sized kitchen is 200 square feet you can sum up the costs of materials and installation to somewhere between $1,200 to $2,000. According to The Spruce, most American kitchens are approximately 161 square feet, so we’ll use this as our average for calculations.

Here is the total cost of new flooring and an estimate with installation:

Hardwood flooring

The type of hardwood floors you choose will impact the price (for instance, pine and bamboo are more affordable while oak and walnut are on the higher-end of the spectrum). However, the average cost is estimated to be between $7 and $15. If we assume the kitchen area is 161-square feet, it will cost you a minimum of $1,100 and a maximum of $2,400 to install hardwood floors.


For laminate flooring, the average cost of laminate per square foot is about $3 to $8. The installation costs that include labor and fee can reach up to $10 per square foot. In this case, you might end up paying around $500 to $1,600 per 161-square foot kitchen.


Carpet flooring has come back in style thanks to its affordability. You can expect to pay a maximum of $3 per square foot for material alone. However, if the cost of the installation is included you might pay just under $700 for a 161-square-foot kitchen. Also be mindful that the cost of cleaning your carpet regularly may offset the initial savings.


For tile flooring, you get varying charges depending on the type of tiles used. For normal ceramic tiles, the cost per square foot can be as low as $1 but we’ll take an average of $3. On the other hand, porcelain tile flooring is slightly more expensive as porcelain is more durable. It is roughly $5 to $10 per square foot.

The installation cost for tile flooring is not as expensive as others since tiles are easier to add. It approximates at an average of $5 per square foot but can go as high as $32. For a 161-square-foot kitchen area, we estimate you will pay around $800 for this.

A good tip when looking into how much new flooring costs is to search for flooring cost calculators online. You add in the number of square feet and type of material you wish to use and let the numbers run themselves.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when planning to remodel your kitchen and other factors can affect your bottom line.

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