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modern shower tile ideas

5 modern shower tile ideas you’ll love for your bathroom

Showers may be small, but they’re an excellent opportunity to make a statement. Sure, bathroom renovations are more labor-intensive than the standard project. It’s not enough to slap a coat of fresh paint on the walls and call it a day, you also need to factor in the removal of old tile, mold assessment, and endless amounts of grout. That said, updating your cramped and dated bathroom with clean, modern shower tile will not only make the space feel more calming and roomy, it’ll also improve the value of your home if you plan to resell.

With all the modern shower tile colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations available, the seemingly-endless choices can be overwhelming. But we’re here to help. Here are five modern shower tile ideas you’ll need to concept your new project and bring your vision full-circle.

Modern Shower Tile 101

Modern shower tiles are characterized by clean, straight lines, neutral hues, and an unfussy, streamlined aesthetic—think black and white subway tile, contemporary horizontal stacked tile, or neutral herringbone tile.

As House Beautiful explains, “whites, beiges, and even some shades of black are the main color palette for modern design, but it can incorporate color as an accent, so long as it leans toward earthy.” Additionally, modern bathrooms tend to feature open-concept floor plans, luxe materials like marble and brass, and seamless glass shower doors. Browse a few examples of modern shower tile to jumpstart your design brainstorm:

Marble Shower Tiles

This beautiful marble walk-in shower belongs to author Melissa Ambrosini. With its neutral color palette, simple chevron pattern, and contrasting brass hardware, it’s a perfect example of modern bathroom design that still feels warm and inviting.

Hex Shower Tile

Pinterest via Rue Magazine

Take note from interior designer Erin Chelius and mix and match modern shower tiles and to create a custom look. Here, she featured a one-inch hex tile on the showerhead wall, a larger white hex tile on the floors, and white ceramic tile in a herringbone configuration on the bench and wall. The contrasting niche finishes off the black-and-white theme.

Stacked Ceramic Shower Tile

This utilitarian straight-stacked shower tile lives in design blogger Jen Pinkston’s guest bath. With its straight, clean lines, neutral color palette, and floor-to-ceiling application, this space epitomizes modern bathroom design with a subtle mid-century flair.

Chevron Shower Floor Tile

This sleek marble shower by Brian O’Tuama Architects is a beautiful example of modern shower floor tile. The walls are adorned with large slabs of stunning carrara marble, which gives the space a seamless look, while the ground is lined with gray tile in a graphic chevron configuration.

Large Porcelain Shower Tile

To create a sleek waterfall effect, choose the same modern shower tile for your floors and walls. Perfect for the true modern design lover, this look is minimalistic and will make your room feel more spacious. Bonus: larger bathroom tiles are significantly easier to install.

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

Of course, you’ll want to complement your modern shower tile with on-trend decor: matte black or brass hardware, neutral textiles, and indoor greenery could be considered the decorative hallmarks of a modern bathroom. To warm up the space, add natural materials like a bamboo or rattan stool, a wood-paneled ceiling, or a light oak vanity. For a touch of color, bring in earthy accent tones like terracotta, sage green, ochre, and rusty red via hand towels, planters, candles, and rugs.