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white shower tile ideas

7 white shower tile ideas and how to pull them off

Choosing a color scheme for your bathroom renovation can be a difficult decision. With unlimited tile and fixture choices, it’s easy to get lost in a rainbow of options. But there’s one failsafe shade that is both timeless and fresh: white.

This popular palette is a go-to for designers and renovators alike for a reason: it gives any bathroom a cool, clean, and crisp look (and it’s a popular option for resale). White doesn’t need to be dull, either. We’ve found seven white shower tile ideas and the best way to pull them off.

Different Sized Tiles

If you want an all-white bathroom, including the shower, choose different tile sizes to add textural interest. You can opt for larger floor tiles and slightly smaller ones on the walls, or go the opposite: small-scale surfaces like penny tiles have more grip because of the larger grout surface, making it less likely to slip.. The varying scale will give a white bathroom added depth.

White Doesn’t Always Mean White

You can pull off white shower tiles without being plain. Tiles for the shower come in many different finishes, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, glass, cement, and mosaic. All of these can add a unique effect to the shower to match the rest of your bathroom while defining the area. The different textures and patterns give them a new dimension (think: textured Zellige or veined marble). You can also choose white tiles for the shower that are slightly off-white, like ivory, pearl or even a metallic sheen for something truly spectacular.

Have A White Accent Wall

Let your white shower “pop” with a tiled accent wall that stands in contrast to darker tile or colorful wall paint. If you really love this look, choose another wall in the bathroom, such as around the vanity sink, to accentuate both wet areas and create continuity in your design.

Contrasting Grout

To break the flatness of an all-white shower, consider applying grout in a contrasting color. The most common colors of grout to match this clean look are shades of black or grey, but you can also choose other colors. For example, if your bathroom is blue with a white shower, you can choose blue grout to tie in with the rest of the space..

Insert a Tile Grid or Border

Borders or grids can add a much-needed break in an otherwise plain bathroom. To pull off this look in all areas, including the shower, choose a tiled border or grid and have it installed right around the entire bathroom, or frame the shower floor or the back wall to give added dimension.

Wow Factor With Stunning Fittings

White tiles in the shower are the perfect backdrop for some exquisite-looking plumbing fixtures. You can choose from modern nickel fittings or choose the timeless elegance of brass (or even go bold with a contemporary matte black look).

Add Decor

To complete the look of your bathroom, decor is a must. Think of adding details like niches for bathing products, open shelving for towels, and even a few potted plants. These will stand out in a bathroom, especially a white one, so stick with a few accent pieces.

The stunning crisp and clean look of white tiles in the shower gives a feeling of fresh coolness. However, keep in mind that shower tiles see a lot of foot traffic and water, so speak to a specialist to ensure you choose durable materials. It’s also crucial to adequately waterproof the shower area before the tiles are laid. You’ll enjoy your shower without a worry in the world.