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post-construction cleaning

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Post-Construction

No matter what room in your home is getting a remodel, dust, debris, and dirt from contractor’s shoes and materials turn your home into a walking mess. It’s pretty much unavoidable. But if you’re smart about your preparation – and are equipped with a few smart tips and tricks – post construction cleaning doesn’t need to be a nightmare.

Clear Out All Areas (Where You Can)

It might seem like a bit of work to box up an entire room, but it’s nothing compared to having to meticulously clean every little thing. Try and remove everything you can near the renovating area, especially the small stuff. If you have large pieces of furniture that can’t be easily moved, but some plastic tarp and cover them from top to bottom to keep debris out.

Removing “the small stuff” means removing everything close to a construction zone, from clothing to shoes to knick-knacks to any and all items on furniture. Remove everything you can from kitchens and bathrooms before a remodel begins. Store items in boxes or plastic containers with tight tops to keep them safe from dirt.

Remove pets and children from the home. Not only can they be affected by the dust, they can also get in the way.

Ask the Contractor for Help

Most contractors can do some things to help keep dust and debris out of the parts of your home not being renovated. They should hang their own tarps on doors and entrances to other rooms near the renovation space. If they are remodeling a bathroom, ask them to provide plastic or paper flooring so workers shoe debris won’t hurt your flooring or carpeting during construction traffic.

Your contractor may also include “clean-up” in his pricing. If you think it’s fair, make sure you’re home while they perform this service to ensure total debris-free cleanup. Don’t let them leave until you are satisfied.

Daily Clean-Up

Once a contractor’s day is done, they may do the best to secure their tools and materials but not spend the time to sweep and dust. If you do this each day after the contractors have left for the day, you can stay ahead of a lot of mess in the end.

Open Windows If You Can

If weather permits, keep windows open to help air out your home, especially the area that is being renovated.

Hire a Pro

There are many home cleaners out there today that offer construction and remodel cleanup. It may be more expensive than a regular clean of your home, but the benefits of their knowledge can be priceless and save you time and stress.

Search for home cleaners in your area and ask about construction cleaning and get prices from more than one company.

Don’t Forget About Air Ducts and HVAC

If your HVAC is running during the remodel, dust and debris can enter the system. You may need a professional to perform a thorough duct and vent cleaning before you turn the HVAC system back on. Once that is complete, replace any affected filters.

If You Want to Do It Yourself

Before you think of tackling this job, ask yourself if you have the time and the know-how. Some materials may be harder to clean than others like shower grout haze, grout on the floor, and dust that travels through your home.

If you don’t want the stress and want a clean home after construction, consider adding the cost to clean your home by a professional in your total renovation budget.

Think of the Finished Product, Not the Construction

Seeing contractors with messy materials and dust flying in the air can be a real stressor for some. Be prepared ahead of time that this will happen but the end result will be worth it. The remodel you wanted that adds value, comfort, and amenities to your home.