Renovating A Space Without Natural Light

Are you looking to renovate a space without natural light? Renovating a bathroom without natural light can seem like a daunting task, but with the right design and a skilled contractor, it can be transformed into a welcoming and comfortable space.

This was the challenge faced by Arthur and Rachel, who sought to make their small, dark, and unlit bathroom “lighter… more comfortable, welcoming” before the arrival of their baby. That meant that they’d have to liven up their space on a tight timeline. Working alongside the Block team and their vetted contractor, they followed a few key tips that we suggest for anyone looking to renovate this kind of space.

Pick Bright Colors

It’s important to choose a color scheme that can help brighten up the space. Often, people opt for more neutral tones (like cooler shades of white), but you can also go bold. As seen with Arthur and Rachel's bathroom, using warm and vibrant colors can make the bathroom feel more welcoming and cozy without making it too intense. In their case, soft shades of green and peach evoked a sense of calm and serenity while also adding a pop of color.

Consider Artificial Light Sources

One essential tip to make the most of limited natural light is to incorporate artificial light sources strategically. Consider using brighter light bulbs that can mimic the tone of natural sunlight— or installing additional lighting fixtures such as wall sconces (like Arthur and Rachel did), recessed lighting, or even a statement chandelier. Task lighting is also important, especially around the vanity or mirror where it's needed the most.


Use Clean Lines & Clever Storage

Modern details, like those found in Arthur and Rachel’s space, can keep the space from feeling too stuffy. Use clean, minimal lines to open up the room and introduce a bit of airiness into the space. Additionally, opting for vanities with storage can keep things clutter free— which can go a long way in a space without natural light.

Incorporate Art & Greenery

Adding some greenery, art, or personal details to the bathroom can help bring life and personality to the space. Whether it's a small potted plant on the vanity or a hanging plant near the shower, plants can add a touch of natural beauty while also improving air quality. Meanwhile art pieces can add sparks of joy into space, helping make it your own. Just because your space doesn’t have natural light doesn’t mean it needs to be dull!