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How to figure out what remodeling an apartment in Los Angeles will cost

While it’s important to renovate your apartment every few decades to keep it up-to-date with fast-changing styles and trends, the process of apartment remodeling can be tricky. This is especially true because of the apartment remodel costs which are unique to every project. The range for an apartment remodel cost in LA can vary greatly because of the different factors and variables involved, making it difficult to plan.

To help you estimate your remodel accurately in advance, this guide breaks down the range of costs for major aspects involved in the process.

Apartment Remodel Cost In LA

While the exact cost of an apartment remodel depends on the square footage of the home, here is an estimate of what the average apartment remodel costs in LA will look like depending on the scope of your project.

  • Small-scale project: An apartment remodel with a limited scope can cost between $25,000 to $45,000. In this budget, you can probably apply a fresh coat of paint throughout, make some small repair changes, and perhaps replace the floors.
  • Moderate Remodeling: An apartment remodeling that involves all the work mentioned in the previous category, plus a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel would fall in this category. For such a remodeling project, you can expect the costs to be between $46,000 and $90,000, depending on the cost of fixtures, flooring and tiles.
  • Extensive Remodeling: An apartment remodeling with all the work mentioned above using high-end appliances and the best contractors would fall in this category. You can expect the costs to be north of $90,000 with no ceiling on the higher end of the range.

Understanding Different Costs Involved

The apartment remodeling process involves different costs at each stage of the process. Therefore, you must understand the different types of expenses you can expect to incur. This will help you budget for all such costs in advance.

An apartment remodel cost in LA can be broken down into four categories: Labor, materials, soft costs, and contractor costs.

  • Materials: This category consists of all the physical items that will be installed in the apartment, from appliances to faucets and cabinets. The total cost of this category varies depending on the quality of the material.
  • Soft Costs: This category consists of all the variable costs such as hiring a designer, consulting an architect, paying for permits, etc. These expenses are not included in the contractor’s fee.
  • Contractor Costs: The contractor costs depend on the extent of the project, the location, and other variables. In general, this cost can account for approximately 15-30% of your total budget.
  • Labor: The contractor you consult for your apartment remodel will have to pay for costs such as his workers’ fees, subcontractors, and the rough materials they use during the process, like lumber, nails, drywall, etc.

Budget For Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Costs

The kitchen and the bathroom are arguably the most critical spaces in an apartment. Given their importance, homeowners tend to spend extra on their renovation. Thus, you must account for this extra spend even before you begin remodeling your apartment. This will help you keep your costs in control.

While the costs depend on the extent of the work and quality of appliances you choose, on average, the kitchen remodel in LA will cost around $300 per square foot, whereas a bathroom remodel will cost $350-$700 per square foot.

Apartment remodeling is a complicated process because of the many moving parts but at Block, we have tons of experience with remodeling. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for assistance!