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glass shower door cost

Know before you buy – glass shower door costs are no laughing matter

The moment you saw a glass shower door you knew you needed one. It was the look you wanted in your bathroom. Maybe it was in a style magazine or on Pinterest. Or, maybe you were lucky enough to experience it in a luxury hotel. In either case, you absolutely love the look and have to have it.

It’s not hard to see why. They can instantly elevate the look of any bathroom, whether the décor is modern, contemporary, rustic, or elegant. So here’s how to choose the perfect one once you decide a curtain just won’t do anymore.

Know the Different Types of Glass Shower Doors

To get those creative juices flowing, we’re going to take a look at your various options when choosing the perfect glass shower door.

Frame Type

This is the most logical place to start. Generally speaking, you will have 3 types to choose from:

  • Framed – Exactly what it sounds like. Your door is held in a decorative frame. This is the most affordable option for glass shower doors.
  • Semi-frameless – These are most popular with people who want a fully frameless door, but they can’t quite do it for logistical or financial reasons.
  • Frameless – This is the modern, and chic look that gives you an unobstructed view of the interior of the shower using solid and tempered glass. This is obviously the most costly option.

There are also glass tub enclosures, which use stainless steel wheels to slide over a stainless steel track bar.

Opening Styles

Like your frame type, this will be heavily influenced by your budget and space restrictions.

  • Pivoting Door – This will open and swing like any other door on a hinge. You want to be absolutely sure you have the room for this before committing your heart or money to it. Measure twice, buy once.
  • Bi-Fold Shower Doors – If you are a bit hampered by space, this may be your best bet. The bi-fold offers a second hinge on the actual door to bend it when it opens, then resumes the flat shape when closing.
  • Bypass or Sliding Doors – These are perfect for areas with a limited amount of space just outside the actual shower. It swings side to side with 2-3 glass panels on a secure track.
  • Rounded Doors – A rounded glass door is perfect for standalone showers, often in the corner of the bathroom. They give you an amazing look, while using the space you have as efficiently as possible.
  • Partial Tub Enclosure – This European-style design can elevate the look of a traditional bathtub.

Glass Types

You also have a number of different types of glass to choose from. Make your choice based on how you want it to look, and how much maintenance you want to invest in keeping that look.

  • Clear Glass – This type is completely see-through to give you that opaque elegance you’re looking for. This is popular with people who really want to showcase the beautiful interior of their shower.
  • Textured Glass – This will stylishly blur the inside of the shower. This is popular with people who want more privacy and less maintenance than you get with clear glass.

Be warned: a lot of people think they want to clear glass look, but aren’t thrilled after they find themselves having to squeegee it every day.