wall oven cost

A wall oven is a kitchen must - but how much does installing it cost?

An oven is a modern-day kitchen necessity, but how do you choose the right type? First, you’ll need to analyze the cost and benefit of each of the many ovens available today (and figure out which bells and whistles are important to you). Once you have found the one, you may want to learn how to install it and the costs associated with that.

One of the most popular types of ovens is the wall oven, which offers great flexibility and convenience because they can be set at a height that is comfortable for you. Moreover, it allows you the flexibility of customizing your layout according to your cooking needs (or even double up, if you love to entertain large crowds). While it’s relatively easy to buy a wall oven, how do you install it? Let’s see!

Things You Should Know Before You Begin

So you’ve picked the perfect oven for your kitchen—there are still some things that you should know before you begin installing it:

  • What is the size of your old oven? In most cases (especially if you’re not renovating), this will determine the maximum space you have for the new one.
  • How is the current oven connected? Many homeowners are not able to handle electrical work, so consulting an electrician to figure out how your oven is connected—whether it’s hardwired or plugged into an outlet—is a good idea.
  • How much power does each oven require? This can be best analyzed by checking out the power rating of each oven. This information can generally be found inside a new oven, near the hinges of the door.

Wall Oven Installation Cost

Now that you’re aware of some of the important considerations before installing a wall oven, let’s check out the wall oven installation costs.

The installation process requires labor and material. While the national average cost to install a wall oven is between $1,225.37 to $2,597.99, the overall cost depends on the location, job size, and other considerations. For instance, for homeowners in New York, the average wall oven installation cost is $2,060 with $556 being the lowest and $3,914 being the highest.

How to Install a Wall Oven

Now that you’re aware of the wall oven installation costs, let’s see how you can go about installing one:

  • To ensure safety, turn off the circuit breaker that supplies electricity to the oven.
  • Once the electrical safety has been taken care of, remove the doors of the old oven
  • Remove the screws and pull the oven out of its cabinet.
  • Now you can safely cut the electrical wires that are connected to the old oven.
  • Place the new oven in the cabinet. This step might require the cabinets around your oven to be re-built specifically to accommodate your new oven and can greatly impact the costs.
  • Look for an electric junction box at the back of the cabinet and make the electrical connections with the new oven.

After following these steps, your wall oven will be successfully installed and should be ready for use. If you’re interested in knowing more about wall ovens, connect with us at Block.