open shelving bathroom ideas

7 open shelving bathroom ideas that will help you maximize the space you have

Renovating your bathroom can be a complex project, especially if square footage is an issue. If you need a larger footprint, you may want to look at more extensive renovations that involve changing the floor plan or borrowing space from another room. Suppose this is not an option and your fittings are still in good condition, open shelving bathroom ideas might just be the storage-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that can add charm and bring new life to your bathroom.

Single Shelves

A single shelf is easy to install. If you have different areas of the bathroom that need storage, you can add one wherever it’s needed; under your vanity mirror, by the shower, or even above the bathtub to keep all your washing necessities within reach.

Floating Glass Shelves

Glass is timeless, practical, and easy to keep clean, so why not add some floating glass shelves along your bathroom walls or under the medicine cabinet? Not only do they look modern, but they are also perfect for small items such as cosmetics, perfume, and other beauty necessities. You can also add small potted plants to add life to an otherwise blank bathroom. The contrast between natural elements against sleek, modern glass will add a bit of dynamic flair.

Under The Sink

Most smaller bathrooms only have a free-standing sink, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some storage space underneath. Construct a ledge to fit around your vanity for everyday items like your toothbrush and razors, or include a shelf or two under the sink for linens such as towels and face cloths.

Recessed Shower Niches

If your bathroom is tight on space, a recessed shower niche can solve several bathroom problems. First, a recessed shower niche is built into the wall of your shower, so there are no protruding edges. Secondly, they are constructed into the wall and tiled, which makes them easy to keep clean. Keep your shampoos and shower gels on the shelf, as well as anything else you need for your daily cleansing routine.
shower niche example

Tiered Shelves

The charm of tiered shelving is undeniable. You can choose two, three or more shelves joined together by a wood or iron bracket. This type of open shelving is a practical solution but can also add decorative charm. What you put on them is entirely up to you.

Above the Toilet

Tight spaces are a challenge, especially when you are looking for an open shelving bathroom solution. But the space above your toilet can hold more than you’d think. A hanging shelving solution can make space for linens, toilet paper, and more. There are many different styles, so choose the one that works for you.

Over the Door

If you’re stuck for space, the spot right above your door is a great place to use an open shelf for towels or other seldom-used items. If the top of your door is too high, try opting for a door rack instead.

When it comes to materials for open shelving, anything goes. You can use natural materials such as wood or metal. The style is only limited to your imagination and preferences, whether you prefer a modern look or a rustic vibe.

Adding any one of these open shelving bathroom options to your space will give a practical solution when you need additional storage. Mix and match them to maximize space and add charm to this room.