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penny tile bathroom ideas

11 penny tile designs to inspire your bathroom remodel plan

One of the most important aspects of bathroom remodeling is the choice of materials. Bathrooms are wet areas and tiles provide a waterproof surface that is functional and easy to keep clean. Your options for bathroom tiles are vast, with designs available in a multitude of different sizes, colors, materials, and textures.

An edgy and stylish look for any bathroom can be easily achieved with penny tiles. As the name suggests, penny tiles consist of very small (read: penny-sized) tiles that are either round or hexagonal in shape and held together by a mesh sheet that makes them easy to install. They can add an eye-popping element to your bathroom that you’ll instantly fall in love with, and they tend to be less slippery than full-sized tiles because the surface of the grout is greater.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your next bathroom remodel, here are 11 penny tile bathroom ideas to get you started.

  • Penny Tile Floors

    Penny tiles are fantastic for bathroom floors as they provide more slip resistance than other tiles. They also look stunning and can break the monotony of a bathroom.

  • Inside The Shower

    Built-in showers are hot right now, so why not elevate the inside of the shower to something spectacular with penny tiles. Not only will this clearly define the shower space in your bathroom, but you’ll also add a modern touch that is edgy and beautiful.

  • Contrasting Colors

    If you really love the look of penny tiles but don’t want a bland bathroom, try contrasting colors. You can add one color on the floor and another on the walls. For a little extra shine, you can also create shapes and patterns in different colors, like a classicblack and white flower effect.

  • Natural Stone

    Penny tiles don’t have to be made out of porcelain and ceramic. For a high-end look with penny tiles, consider a natural stone like a black or white marble. This will give you all the benefits of penny tiles with a little added texture.

  • Contrasting Grout

    Penny tiles are quite stunning all on their own, but if you really want to show them off, add grout in a contrasting color. Think along the lines of black tiles with white grout or vice versa.

  • Penny tile borders

    Add some eye-catching elements to your bathroom with a penny tile border around the perimeter of your bathroom. Lay larger tiles inside these borders for an elegant look. You can choose contrasting colors or choose one color palette in different shades.

  • Enhance The Vanity

    The vanity is one of the most used areas of the bathroom, so you want to make sure the wall behind your sink is protected from water damage. Enhance the look of the vanity with penny tiles or extend the look to a whole half wall.

  • Rows of different colors

    If you find one color too much for the walls of your bathroom, choose two or three different colored penny tiles and have them installed in alternating rows. This is the perfect solution when you come across a few colors you really love but can’t settle for just one.

  • Penny tiles perfect for a mosaic feature

    The smaller size of penny tiles makes them ideal for those with a creative mind. You can choose the tiles in different colors and finishes and then create a tranquil mosaic feature either on the floor of your bathroom or on a feature wall.

  • Split the wall

    Penny tiles look amazing when they are installed along the lower half of the wall. You can then choose larger wall tiles for the upper half and even add a border feature along the middle where these two tile types join.

  • Unusual Shapes

    One thing you will love about penny tiles is the fact that they can be used to line unusual shapes in your bathroom. This includes curves around vanities and tubs or even a curved wall. Their small size attached by flexible mesh makes them incredibly versatile.

Before you start your bathroom remodel, consider adding penny tiles for a timeless look that you’ll enjoy for many, many years.