contemporary bathroom design

Explore Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathroom design embraces functionality above all, creating fuss-free spaces with clean lines that work for modern life. Of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is one of the most hardworking, and a contemporary remodel can turn an otherwise overlooked room into a true sanctuary.

What distinguishes a contemporary bathroom design from other aesthetics? Cathy Nyarkoh, Block Renovation’s lead designer, has a few pointers:

  • Shapes are linear, with a focus on clean lines.
  • Colors are generally neutrals, such as whites, grays, or tans. “There’s no reason you can’t add color to a contemporary space,” Nyarkoh said, “but the focus is always on form and function.”
  • Materials commonly found in contemporary baths include stone, quartz, tile, ceramic, and wood. “You want materials that are water and mildew resistant, regardless of the design aesthetic.”
  • Design choices focus on making the room functional rather than ornamental. Look for smart design features, such as a toilet that’s easy to clean.

Choosing Smart Contemporary Design Features

Because this design style seeks to provide functional design for the modern age, you’ll find clever storage solutions in contemporary bathrooms. It might be tucked behind walls or otherwise out of view. For instance, medicine cabinets are typically larger than those found in traditional bathrooms in order to provide more space. A larger mirror, which is perfectly at home in contemporary bathroom design, can also make a small bathroom seem bigger.

Contemporary bathrooms often have a wall-mounted vanity that appears lighter and airier than traditional bathroom cabinetry. The “floating” design saves space and can help a small room look more spacious, says Nyarkoh. In fact, the focus on simple shapes and eliminating unnecessary elements makes contemporary design an excellent choice for small rooms.

Personalizing A Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary bathrooms are frequently described as “spare” and “linear.” And it’s true that frou-frou has no place in contemporary bathroom design. An ornate, oversized vanity or frilly shower curtain just won’t work in this style of room.

However, it is possible to make a contemporary style bathroom reflect your personality. “Think of it as a clean space where you can add your touch,” Nyarkoh says. For instance, you can deviate from the neutral palette and introduce color into the room or select a vanity a style you don’t normally see in a contemporary bathroom to personalize your space.You can also go the other way by introducing contemporary elements into a classic bathroom.

Getting Expert Advice

Working with a designer can help you to create the exact space you dream of, whether you want to go full-on contemporary or plan to personalize your space by combining styles. Designers understand which elements can work together harmoniously and which don’t. They also know how to work with scale and can advise you when something is too big or small for the room. A good designer will also provide guidance on the best materials for the room, steering you to proven surfaces that will look good together.

“When you work with a designer, you can make it the space you like but still have input from someone who knows the trade, trends, and how to make it resalable,” Nyarkoh notes.

The advantage of contemporary bathroom design is that it will stand the test of time and be around for many years. “In 10 or 15 years, you might just need to update the paint color. Contemporary design spaces have longevity.”