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how much value does a bathroom remodel add

How to calculate the value your bathroom remodel adds to your home

A bathroom remodel does add value to a home or apartment, but how much value does it add? Ask three realtors and you’ll probably get three different answers. Bathroom remodels do depend on what features you add and if structural elements are involved. Plus, if you’re updating a bathroom for yourself with plans on staying in the home or apartment for a lengthy time, the elements you upgrade may be different than if you’re updating to sell.

First Things First

Before committing yourself to a remodel, consider what you’ll be dealing with:

  • Your budget
  • What needs to be upgraded
  • A plan for the renovation
  • An insured contractor

That’s quite the to-do list if this is your first remodel, and bathrooms and kitchens are, by far, the most desired upgrades to homes. One way to lessen these first tasks is to find a company that can help you tick off all the items on your list—from budget to design to the builder.

Recouping Your Investment

It’s hard to place a firm number on the average remodel, but home experts from HGTV say an upgrade will run you between $6,000 and $60,000, or more, depending on the remodel plan.

All bathroom remodels should have two primary elements: function and style.

The good news is that whether you’re planning a partial bathroom remodel or a complete overhaul, quality upgrades will add value to your home.

How Much Value Does a Bath Remodel Add?

It’s pretty easy to determine how much value a bathroom remodel will add to your home. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), states that a homeowner can expect to recoup up to 50 percent of the cost put into the project.

What you envision of your remodel is essential when setting your budget. Start with a realistic plan based on the size of the current bathroom and if there is room for expansion.

Remodeling Elements

Some bathroom upgrades add more value than others, so they’ll yield a higher return on investment:

  • Double sinks
  • A vanity
  • Custom fixtures
  • Double shower heads
  • Heated elements such as the floor or a bench
  • Spa baths
  • Lighting
  • Space and storage
  • Type of flooring
  • Plumbing changes
  • Structural changes

Pick and choose what is most important to you then connect with the right people to determine if upgrades fit your budget.

Planning is Key

Do your due diligence when planning your bath remodel. Find professionals to help you and be sure to ask the pros for examples of their work. Only hire businesses that have guarantees on time, budget and a plan for overages. Request a copy of their business license and insurance. Make sure if a building permit is required, one is filed and onsite during the remodel.

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to be an unreachable milestone, as long as you get your ducks in a row and work with professionals that specialize in this type of work. Remember to keep records of all costs so you can recoup as much of your costs as possible when and if the time comes to sell.