bathroom layout

Choosing the right bathroom layout for your new space

Once you’ve determined a bathroom renovation is right for your home goals and budget, you’ll need to consider a layout. Looking at your current bathroom is not the way to begin but there are simple ways to choose the right bathroom layout for your new space. Just take simple measurements first.

Do You Need A Change At All?

Before you go about changing anything, make sure it’s absolutely necessary that you make a change. Keeping your existing layout will save you a ton on labor and services. Moving pipes is costly. Electricians can get expensive. The more you have to move the more it will cost you.

Good design can do a lot to even a mediocre layout. Watch enough HGTV and you’ll realize that beautification doesn’t have to mean tearing down the bones of what’s there. Sometimes a setup that doesn’t make sense as-is can change dramatically with updated elements. This won’t always be the case, but it’s always good to gut-check yourself before pouring your wallet into a Pinterest bathroom with a layout that means moving everything behind the walls.

Get A Feel For What You Like

It’s important to know what you’re looking for before seriously considering to do work on your home. Houzz has a vast amount of bathroom layout ideas that you can use to start getting a sense of the style you want. Or, jump on over to Pinterest to find some outstanding ideas from general updates to full renovations to fixture suggestions. From fixtures to tubs to showers to the type of bathroom you’d like, you can find a lot of information on these platforms. You should start bookmarking your favorite layouts and other bathroom essentials long before you dive in to renovation.

Finding solutions first will save you a lot of time and both of the places above have put some thought into what is on their websites.

Is Your Dream Possible?

Now that you’re inspired is your dream bathroom even possible? You might not have thought about things like local bathroom codes, electrical, and water accessibility. It is now time to find the right people that can help you turn your layout into your dream bathroom renovation. Do a Google search and find a contractor that specializes in bathrooms. Check out more than one to determine prices but also what they offer.

You’ll want a contractor that is licensed and insured, knows about code and building permits and will build YOUR bathroom dream, not theirs.

Designing as a Team

Once you’ve chosen that expert bathroom renovator, you should sit down together to design the perfect layout. If you have your favorites saved including flooring and fixtures, show them to the contractor. Sketch out a design you like and ask if it’s possible. If you want to add more space, turn to the contractor for possibilities.

If you work with your contractor, you’ll be able to create a perfect layout. If you have sketched your layout prior to hiring your contractor, the design process will go even faster. Remember, when it comes to water and electrical accessibility, you may need to be open to new ideas.

Ask for Your Choices

During your consultation with a contractor, do ask about installing your fixture and flooring choices. Make sure they which items are most important to you and which ones you are open to change.

The bathroom renovation choices you make will be important. For example, if the bathroom you are renovating is the master bath attached to your bedroom, you’ll want to make sure things like color and tile go with the theme.

If your bathroom is in another area of the house, you’ll also want to ensure the layout and items included in the renovation are in tune with the rest of your home. If your entire house has brass fixtures on cabinets, you wouldn’t want nickel fixtures in your new bathroom. Blending is something to keep in mind, especially if you are renovating to sell your home. If a potential buyer sees color and design alignment, your home may sell faster.

Stay on Top of the Renovation

Lastly, even though you’ve hired a contractor you love, you’ll still want to stay on top of the renovations. Make a plan on how you’ll communicate, especially on any changes to the design or layout. Make sure you have final approval before any changes are made.

Your dream bathroom should be the one you really want. Take the time to research what others are doing before hiring a contractor for the renovation. Above all, find a builder that will listen to what you want and be straight with you about items that may not be possible.