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tub to shower conversion

Inspiration for when it's time for a tub-to-shower conversion in your home

Many people don’t remember the last time they filled up the bathtub for a long soak. Honestly, who has the time these days? We’ve seen a steady drop in new homes being built with shower-tub combos in recent years, with standalone showers replacing them in most bathrooms (sometimes with a separate freestanding tub).

What if you’re in an older home in need of renovations? That old bathtub most likely isn’t seeing much use but takes up a considerable amount of space. Here’s an idea: get rid of the tub altogether and replace it with a simple shower with these conversion ideas.

From Bulky Tub To Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are all the rage these days, and they’re likely not going anywhere any time soon. While older shower stands felt a little cramped, newer custom-made showers are spacious and utilize whatever space you have in your bathroom. They are also usually tiled, which is easy to keep clean. Walk-in showers can be enclosed in glass or left partially open without a door for easy access and a feeling of openness.

Part of the benefits of a walk-in shower is the ease with which you can get in and out. This is a real consideration for the elderly and those who find it difficult to climb over the tub’s rim.

Exit the Tub, Enter the Constructed Shower Pan

Tiles are a must in wet areas, but they are also versatile. If you are planning on replacing your tub, a constructed shower pan covered with tiles is a winner. It’s easy to simply fit a glass panel and door on top to separate the area.

Half & Half

Any size bathroom will look sleek and modern if the shower has floor-to-ceiling glass. But you can also opt for the half-and-half built-in shower. The combination of half a walled shower completed with glass offers privacy, particularly in an ensuite bathroom. It’s also a great way to define the shower space with a bit of separation. You can play with decor in this setting and have tiles contrasting to the rest of the bathroom.

Elegant Shower Curtain

If you’ve thrown out your tub to downsize your bathroom and create extra space in another room, glass and panels aren’t always an option. Before you turn your nose at the prospect of a plastic shower curtain, you can choose some incredibly stylish ones that will give your bathroom a charming feel.

If your old tub is looking shabby and you want it gone, you can get rid of the soaker and have a stunning shower fitted instead. Work with the space available to you and create an eye-catching statement.