walk-in shower cost

Calculating the cost of installing the walk-in shower you've always wanted

Adding or replacing a walk-in shower can make a dramatic difference in your bathroom. The expanse of tile on the shower surround and the glass doors add a spacious feel to even a tiny bathroom. A walk-in shower is also more enjoyable than a tub-shower combo and safer to enter and exit.

There’s no easy answer to how much a walk-in shower costs because so many variables are involved.

Replacing a Walk-in Shower

If you’re just replacing an old shower stall with a new one, the price could be relatively modest. Prefab showers are available in many styles and sizes starting at about $600 and going up to around $2,500. The cost of installation will be in that same price range, so that’s another $600 to $2,500.

Replacing the faucet on your new pre-made shower could add another $50 to $900. The price depends on whether you settle for a basic showerhead or select something with more features and an upgraded finish.

Custom Walk-in Shower Costs

If you’re planning a customized walk-in shower, the costs will be higher, and a lot more variables affect the price. Designing a custom shower may allow you to use awkward space—such as a corner with a sloping ceiling—and make your bathroom more functional. If that’s the case, the project is likely well worth the expense.

What variables can affect the price of a walk-in show?

  • The grade of materials you use, especially the cost of the tile
  • The need to add or reroute plumbing lines
  • Extra features you want in the shower, such as a built-in bench, nooks inset in the wall for toiletries, zero-threshold design, and safety features such as grab bars
  • The shower doors
  • The shower pan, which might have to be hand-formed for a custom shower
  • The showerhead, especially if you choose a full-body system with multiple showerheads
  • The exhaust fan or fan/lighting fixture

Breaking Down the Costs

Labor and materials for tiling a walk-in shower will probably be the most significant line items in your walk-in shower budget. Tile prices vary widely, from about $1 per square foot for standard ceramic tiles to $50 or more for high-end designer tiles. Those fancy tiles may come with a higher installation price as well. In New York City, expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,200 for the tiling work on a walk-in shower that’s about the size of standard tub/shower surround if you’re working with a designer.

A shower door can cost well over $1,000 if you go for a high-quality frameless glass door in a custom size.

When you select your showerhead, remember that a full-body shower system starts around $500, and some models go to $1,500 or more. Multiple showerheads may require more plumbing work, with each fixture adding at least $600 in plumber’s fees to the overall cost.
The average cost of a walk-in shower ranges up to $12,000 in New York.

That’s a significant investment, but you’ll be glad you spent it every morning as you enjoy your luxurious custom shower.