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apartment remodeling tips los angeles

Bookmark these tips for your Los Angeles apartment remodel

Like most major cities, square footage in Los Angeles comes at a premium. In fact, the average LA apartment clocks in around 650-800 square feet. This small footprint means that no corner should go underutilized. Remodeling your apartment to make better use of the available space is a great way to prevent this.

But where do you start with your renovation project? We believe the first step to any successful apartment makeover is charting your exact plan of action. Here are a few highlights that you need to consider while planning your next apartment remodel.

Optimize every nook

The small size of many LA apartments makes it essential for occupants to plan their storage well. Built-in closets are great for apartments that do not have a lot of usable storage space. A lot of your floor area is usually used up by standalone items from floor lamps to TV shelves, so using wall-mounted light and television fixtures helps save this valuable space. We also recommend using relatively slimmer light fixtures that give your condo a sleek look and help you save up on space.

Rethink your kitchen space

LA’s unique indoor-outdoor living makes it possible for you to experiment with your kitchen. If your apartment has outdoor space, elements like a grill and patio seating can make it easier to skip on kitchen features like a breakfast table or a large island with seating. We also recommend replacing your existing appliances with newer, slimmer ones.

Optimize your bathroom footprint

While it is recommended to choose bathtubs over shower settings in family-friendly apartments, this certainly isn’t practical for small one-bedrooms and homes with multiple bathrooms. If your condo has a narrow bathroom, replacing your shower-tub combo with a walk-in shower helps make the bathroom feel more spacious. Do not underestimate the importance of natural light, either, as it can help make your bathrooms feel way larger. Pot lights and broader spectrum bulbs can also help achieve this effect.

When you do not have much space to waste, it is crucial to make good use of the available living space. Professional designers and architects will give you ideas that make intelligent use of the available space and make your apartment feel bigger and broader than it actually is.