A small bathroom remodel doesn't necessarily cost less

A small bathroom should cost less to remodel, right? It’s a smaller space, you’re using fewer materials, and it should take less time, right?

In theory, yes. But that’s not always how things work out. A lot of the time, homeowners will spend more time and money trying to make a small space as functional and attractive as possible.

Always Keep the Size in Mind

The decision the renovate a bathroom comes from one of 3 events

  1. You’re selling your home
  2. You’re sick of your current bathroom
  3. You see a bathroom that inspires you to want more

That third one will get you in the most trouble. You probably fell in love with a particular element in another bathroom. It may have been a stunning spa tub, or a beautiful frameless glass shower door.

But, before you lose a Saturday trying to find that exact same tub or door, think about the space at home you’re working with. Maybe you don’t have the room for that beautiful glass door to swing open.

It’s always best to start with your space, and then find the elements that will work best, versus taking elements you love and forcing them into a small space.

Working with what you have will save you a lot of money and heartache.

Find Creative Solutions

You may think a small bathroom means you need to make concessions. But, it actually means you get to use more creative solutions.

In the example we used above, let’s say you don’t have room for the lovely glass door you want. Does that mean you’re stuck with boring shower curtains? Of course not. A bi-fold glass shower door would be an elegant solution.

At some point another renovator has had the exact same challenge you’re facing. So talk to a professional and they will be able to offer an engineered solution.

Ask Yourself Who is Using it

Question: who will spend the most time in this bathroom?

Is this the en-suite off your master bedroom? Or will this be used by the kids? Or is this more for company?

  • En-suite – You will start and end your day in here. So, make sure you love it and it’s functional enough to get you out the door during stressful mornings.
  • Kids’ Bathroom – This needs to be more durable than stylish. Your kids will beat the heck out of a bathroom. So you will want to spend your money on high quality and durable materials on your floors, with fewer design touches. Also, most kids take baths, not showers. The focus needs to be all about that tub.
  • Guest Bathroom – You want something that looks nice and will help your guests feel comfortable. But there is no need to swing for the fences. You can get away with some less expensive materials. It won’t get a lot of usage, so don’t spend a lot of money. Use fixtures and materials that look high-end, without a high price.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you want to put into a remodel, but often “making things work” can drive up costs. It’s important to really consider the value of an upgrade before diving into renovation.