The Best Paint Colors For Your Small Kitchen


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Paint colors do more than just look good. They can alter moods, change perceptions, and help personalize your small kitchen. The right shades can make your space seem much larger and enhance happiness or calmness. Even if a small kitchen has limited redesign options, changing its color is an affordable and easy way to give it a quick revamp.

So, which are the best small kitchen paint colors? Let’s take a look at the popular options to keep in mind.


White cultivates the illusion of space because it lets light bounce off from the walls. Use it on walls, cabinets, ceilings and countertops to create a harmonious room and lighten the mood.

Highly recommended white paint colors from the Benjamin Moore line include Cloud White, White Dove, or Acadia White. These colors can eliminate perceived edges or boundaries in areas with limited square footage.

Unlike darker hues, lighter colors last longer and require less maintenance. If you’re concerned about fingerprints and smudges, a proper paint finish can make your white walls look clean and spotless for longer.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink paint can inspire feelings of love, compassion, and kindness, according to color psychology. Since it can add warmth and comfort, we highly recommend it for families and couples. If you have any doubts, you can integrate small amounts of pink paint in your fixtures or opt for pink decorative accents. Over time, you may gradually fall in love with pastel pink and even use it for your cabinets and walls.

Light Blue

In a study about interior colors, light blue was the most preferred option because of its association with calmness, peace, and tranquility. Navy blue is also associated with the night sky so it can make a small kitchen seem vast and expansive.

Nivara Xaykao, associate manager of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore, advises homeowners to consider lighting conditions when selecting a shade of blue. If a space has cool and dim lighting, lighter blues may be ideal to balance out lighting conditions.

Mint Green

Mint green has refreshing and stimulating characteristics that remind us of nature. Scientific evidence suggests green is one of the easiest colors on the eyes so it can improve focus—perfect for serious home cooks and chefs. While mint green can look gorgeous in varying climates, it is best for small kitchens with ample natural lighting.


Gray is a neutral color that can add depth. The popular hue can make countertops, furnishings, and artworks stand out. When used for kitchen cabinets and walls, it can invoke feelings of balance, modesty, and elegance. As a rule of thumb, you can combine it with neutral shades like white to achieve a minimalist or luxurious appearance.

Like white, grey is timeless so your kitchen will look sleek and modern in the years or decades to come.

Find the right small kitchen paint colors

Selecting small kitchen paint colors may seem like a challenge. But with these tips, you may be able to find the ideal color that will match your own style.

If you’re not ready for a complete makeover, try your preferred shade on the door or smaller accents. Having a starting point and gradually changing the color of your kitchen furniture or wall will help you achieve your desired vibe.

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