built-in refrigerator cabinet panel example

Achieving a seamless built-in refrigerator cabinet look

Walk into any kitchen, and the fridge is usually one of the first things you’ll see due to its sheer size. While every modern kitchen must have a refrigerator, it can sometimes look overpowering and clash with the overall vibe. What’s worse is when the refrigerator protrudes from the cabinets ruining the clean lines.

Fortunately, many new kitchen designs now include a seamless built-in refrigerator that blends in with your cabinets. When it’s done right, it can give your space a streamlined look and hide your refrigerator in plain sight.

Start With the Right Fridge

Unfortunately, not all fridges are suitable for the built-in look. The right refrigerator must be fitted with a cabinetry panel in keeping with the rest of your kitchen. Try to find a fridge in one of the standard sizes (look for counter-depth refrigerators that are panel-ready). If there comes a time when you need to replace your fridge, it will be a lot easier to find a similar but newer model.

Make Sure to Allow for an Adequate Opening

Even though your built-in refrigerator cabinet will hide the appliance, you still want to make sure the opening you leave is big enough. Check the specifications and measure twice before your kitchen plans are drawn up. Ideally, the refrigerator should be placed close to the stove and within reach of counter space so you can quickly retrieve things and put them down easily. Think along the lines of an appliance triangle (the ultimate layout and spacing between the fridge, the stove, and the kitchen sink to make cooking easier).

Match The Door Panel With the Cabinets

Whenever possible, match the built-in refrigerator door panel with the rest of the cabinets. This is easy enough when you are starting from scratch, but if your current kitchen cabinets are in good shape and you only want to add the fridge panel, you may be able to find the same doors used in your original renovation (or have them custom-made).

However, if your original cabinet panels are no longer available, don’t despair. You can shake things up a little and choose a panel in a contrasting color or texture. If you do this, try also replacing a few of the other cabinet doors to give it an intentional look.

A Whole Wall of Cabinets

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can choose to integrate your built-in refrigerator cabinet as part of a whole wall of cabinets. This look is perfect where space is limited or even if you have a large wall to fill. There is never too much storage in a kitchen, so apart from adding valuable space for non-perishables and small appliances, adding a built-in refrigerator cabinet to a pantry wall will maximize storage while also maintaining a sleek look.

Take the time to examine all of your options when you want to add a seamless built-in refrigerator. More importantly, don’t shy away from seeking professional advice to ensure your kitchen looks great and adds value to your home.