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How to do a gut renovation in Los Angeles

California dreaming has its perks: constant sunshine and picturesque coastlines, but the state also has one of the highest costs of living in the US—especially if you live around Los Angeles. If you’ve outgrown your LA home but don’t want to move or you’re looking to buy the worst house on the best block, you’ll probably need more than just new floors and updated countertops.

Gut renovations in Los Angeles can be more expensive than the national average, especially when working on an older home. While you’ll want to consider the costs of materials and labor, there are many other figures you’ll need to account for as well.

Gutting a space and starting fresh is no small feat, and, if you’re not experienced, chances are you might be better off looking for some all-in-one professional help before trying to do things yourself. But if you’re set on helming the project yourself, there are a few key things you should consider before getting underway.

Planning and Permits

Before you start any renovation project in Los Angeles, you need to ensure all the work is done legally and up to local safety standards and codes. Seek the advice of a professional and bring in an architect as well as a contractor (and maybe even a designer). You will also need to check with the local building authority in Los Angeles to get the proper permits for your gut renovation project.

This planning stage is crucial so that you know what to expect before, during, and after renovations. Allow for all the obvious costs plus a few unexpected ones. The last thing you want to do is rip out the guts of your home only to find that the electrical wiring or roof needs replacing, and you haven’t allowed for this expense.

Weigh Up All Your Options

Gut renovations in Los Angeles are naturally large projects, with the average costs reaching as high as $400 per square foot and more for a complete home renovation. Even something as small as a kitchen remodeling can cost as much as $100K, depending on the finishes and features you choose. This leaves you with a few decisions to make. Will a gut renovation bring value to your home if you decide to sell? What improvements can you make to increase your resale bottom line?

Not sure what to expect cost-wise? You can always request an estimate from Block to give yourself a good starting point.

Kitchen and Bathroom Dilemmas

In a move to lower the carbon footprint of its citizens, California now bans new gas lines in new construction works. If your home already has a gas connection, you’re safe. However, if it does not and you were planning on a gas stove in the kitchen, you will need to find alternative options.

Before you start a gut renovation project in Los Angeles, make sure you are fully aware of the costs and regulations. Bring in professional designers, architects, and building inspectors to avoid hidden costs that may very well overwhelm your renovation budget. This small investment can give you great peace of mind or deter you from getting in over your head.