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5 apartment remodeling tips for a smooth renovation in New York City

Remodeling an apartment can be a tedious and expensive task. That’s especially true in a city like New York where labor and base materials tend to cost more than in the rest of the country. This means there is less room for error and uncertainty.

Whether you’re trying to achieve a higher resale value or are simply in the mood for a fresh change, you want to make sure you’re not wasting your time and money. With this list, we aim to look over a few points that should be considered while remodeling an NYC apartment.

Sort your permits out

Remodeling a New York City apartment requires you to get specific permits depending on the purpose and nature of the work. Type 1 permits allow you to make alterations that change the very purpose of your apartment (turning a residential space into an office or vice versa). Type 2 permits are required when the alterations do not change the purpose of the apartment or the number of occupants it accommodates. Further, you may be required to get several approvals from your building’s co-op or condo board before starting any work. We recommend getting professional help with these permits.

Don’t be afraid to tear down walls

Homeowners can be reluctant to tear down walls because they believe it might be expensive. Contrary to this belief, a vestigial wall (one that does not have any plumbing or wiring running through it) can be knocked down for little to no money. Tearing down walls is a normal part of the demolition phase of a remodeling project and does not warrant a lot of time or effort. In NYC where space comes at a premium, homeowners have really come to embrace the concept of open spaces. Tearing down walls to connect rooms and visually expand living spaces can go a long way in pushing your resale value up.

Add more space to your kitchen

NYC apartments are notorious for their small kitchens, which simply doesn’t fit well with today’s trends. People have come to embrace the idea of kitchens becoming social spaces. Kitchen islands and peninsulas are a great way to open up a compact galley kitchen to make it feel more welcoming to guests. Don’t be afraid to remove a few upper cabinets if it helps expand your kitchen footprint.

Bathtubs over showers

While walk-in showers can add a spacious feel to a small space, the traditional flexibility of a bathtub should not be overlooked. Especially in apartments with only one bathroom and multiple bedrooms, a bathtub can make the home more family-friendly and help boost the apartment resale value.

Prioritize closet space

While it is important to expand on the living space in your apartment, we do not recommend doing it at the cost of closet space. Well-planned storage provides occupants with much-needed clutter solutions. Installing a walk-in closet in the largest bedroom of the house can prove to be extremely helpful.

Apartment remodels can result in stunning transformations when done right. We encourage you to experiment and try new concepts under the supervision of a professional who can help ground your ideas and modify them according to the local regulations and latest trends.